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We are the most creative builder in America, and we seek out people who are smart, creative, up for any challenge and incredibly excited about what they do. Working at Clayco is an entirely different experience from the industry standard. And that’s why we’re excited to get up every morning and get going.

We build our business around the passion of our people and the ideas they bring everyday. Whether you’re a project manager, estimator, architect or accountant, you play a part in delivering some of the most complex, riskiest and iconic building projects in North America.

We offer an excellent salary and benefits along with a bonus program that is unparalleled in the industry. It is no wonder Clayco has been named as one of the best places to work year after year.

You’ve got the talent. We’ve got opportunities for you to create an impact. Discover what your future holds in a place that values you and your goals and aspirations.

Where do you want to be next?
You’ve got the talent. We’ve got opportunities for you to create an impact.

Discover where you want to be next.

“Being a part of a team that transforms conceptual plans into monumental structures. Also, it allows me to continuously explore my love for mathematics & sciences while challenging me on management and leadership skills.”
– Lilian Ondari,
Project Engineer

“I started at Clayco as an 18 year old intern who knew next to nothing about construction. After three summers interning and my career full time I have been able to experience and learn more than many of my peers. Clayco has helped me grow in my career and as a person through the opportunities I have been given during my time here.”

– Nick Ruzicka,
Project Engineer
“The most rewarding part of my job is being able to shape the built environment and inevitably people’s experiences. Besides, I get to work together with very talented professionals that teach me something new every day.”
– Fatima Pacheco,
Architectural Technician
“It is very rewarding to see the progress and completion of a building that you spent months on and to know that the owner is satisfied with what you have provided them.”
– Taylor Bartram,
Project Engineer
“Clayco is truly a career experience like no other. I have a a diverse background which includes education, business, therapy, and healthcare. My professional experience here at Clayco, by far has been the most rewarding.”
– Chaun Robinson,
Fitness and Wellness Director
“This is my 11th year at Clayco. I started as intern architect and now project designer. It’s been a fun and great journey”
– WooYoung Kim,
Senior Associate
“Exposure to the development & design of the projects we build has been enlightening. I’m more informed & well rounded. Our projects are so much more than bricks stacked upon one another. It’s the process and friendships we build along the way.”
– JR Kibbon
Project Executive
“I feel like I’m making a big difference in CRG’s organization and project management processes. CRG is growing rapidly and I get to play a role in how it grows and morphs into something ever greater.”
-Hannah Kiem,
Development Project Coordinator
“I started at Clayco as a Project Engineer with very little commercial construction experience. I have worked hard to get to the Senior Project Manager level. I am currently trusted with managing multi-million dollar projects of all types, going out and selling new work, and training new employees the ‘Clayco way’ when they come onboard.”
– Bryan Zehnder
Senior Project Manager

“I started at Clayco right out of school, and couldn’t have asked for a more collaborative learning environment. Secondly, I have an architectural degree as well, and I always knew I wanted to work with a design-builder.”

– Upasna Viswanathan,
Project Engineer
“Clayco has impacted me and my home. My first projects as an intern were in my hometown of Pittsburgh and I had a hand in creating jobs there. The next job was Penn State East Halls. I lived here as a freshman in college and I understand the importance of creating a better atmosphere for kids who are away from their homes for the first time and how difficult yet important it is for them to feel comfortable in this environment.”
– Rowland Smith,
Project Engineer
“At Clayco there are great opportunities for improvement and advancement in responsibility, leadership, collaboration, and problem solving. Not to mention, the chance to work on the project job site. Nothing is more rewarding than walking the site, seeing how things are constructed, and learning from the subs.”
– Carly Klein,
Project Engineer