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With offices and jobsites located across the country, our team represents a collection of backgrounds, cultures and experiences working together to bring forth the best ideas and break the industry mold.


We are proactively involved in pushing past destructive egos, agendas and departmental silos to provide the best work environments for our employees and foster collaboration across the whole team.

and Events

Sports Teams. Community Service Projects. Networking Events. We plan activities that spark our team’s interest, so employees can connect with each other outside of work.

We look forward to you being part of our visionary team.

Your vision will shape the project for years to come, your priorities will give form to the building, and your decisions today will be a template for the future.

Your challenges are our inspiration. Our energies are focused on the opportunity to create meaningful, effective, and enduring new environments. Working together we can help you achieve your goals and make your mark.

Our collaborative approach can open new doors to your career and professional development. Clayco’s intentional disruption of the construction industry attracts the industry’s best and brightest.

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Build your career with one of the most creative builders in America. Our core delivery allows for even contributors at an entry level to influence the process and make an impact the results we deliver.

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Clayco is seeking interns who are innovative, passionate and eager to explore their career path. Clayco offers a robust internship program with opportunities located all across the country.

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It has come to our attention that unauthorized individuals and entities are sending fraudulent employment offers and related bogus materials in the name of Clayco, Inc. or its affiliates.

Strong indicators of fraudulent employment solicitation include (1) being asked to provide personal or banking information electronically without first creating a secure account to transmit such information; (2) being asked to provide information about your nationality, race or gender through email, text messaging or instant messaging applications alone (as opposed to through use of applications and forms that comply with state and federal equal employment and anti-discrimination laws); and (3) being asked to participate in an online interview via a non-secure instant messaging platform.

Neither Clayco, Inc. nor its affiliated companies request personal information be submitted by e-mail alone. Rather, such information is requested once an applicant has completed a multi-factor verification process to create an online account with a Clayco secured portal. As equal opportunity employers, Clayco, Inc. and its affiliated companies may ask applicants to provide information about their nationality, race or gender on applications for employment that comply federal and state equal employment and anti-discrimination laws but such information is not sought in informally through e-mail, text messaging or instant messenger applications. Further, Clayco, Inc. and its affiliates do not conduct interviews through text messaging or instant messaging. Face to face meetings are used for interviews.

If you are approached by an individual or entity that provides an offer of employment via e-mail and/or informally seeks personal information (through email, text messaging or instant message applications) protected from disclosure under federal and state equal employment and anti-discrimination laws, you should assume that the person or entity is not a representative of Clayco, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies including, but not limited to, Lamar Johnson Collaborative LLC, Concrete Strategies, LLC, Ventana DBS LLC or CRG Services, LLC.

If you suspect you have received fraudulent employment solicitation communications which purport to be from Clayco, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies please notify the Clayco Legal Department, attn. Brandon Hummel at


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How has Clayco helped you leave your mark?

Hear from our team on how Clayco has helped them make an impact in both their career and community.

“As a Project Engineer at Clayco, I have been encouraged to reach outside the scope of our project and affect the community in a positive light. Whether it is building houses with Habitat for Humanity, handing out pizza to WashU students during the most stressful parts of finals week, volunteering to hand out lunches at St. Vincent, or joining the CCDI mentorship program; there are constant opportunities to create a positive impact.”
– Trevor Becherer,
Project Engineer
“I knew that I’d fit in at this organization that focuses on mentorship, professional and technical growth, and diversity—all of which are important to me. Being able to walk into an executive’s office or to architect’s desk with questions shows that I’m at a place focused on building future leaders. Clayco is a great company to be with!”
– Walta Abraham,
Project Engineer
“In many ways, my story is similar to any other Clayco employee’s story. Through work and comradery we learn how to cherish the team spirit and meet our goals. I experienced the growth through projects that require 110% commitment and when it comes to technology to be not one but often two or three step ahead, compared to our competition.”
– Tomislav Zigo,
Vice President of Virtual
Design and Construction
“From the first day of being an intern to now, I grown both professionally and personally. I am constantly learning, being challenged, and gaining confidence.”
– Lourdes Ramirez,
Assistant Superintendent
“Being a part of a team that transforms conceptual plans into monumental structures. Also, it allows me to continuously explore my love for mathematics & sciences while challenging me on management and leadership skills.”
– Lilian Ondari,
Project Engineer
“This is my 11th year at Clayco. I started as intern architect and now project designer. It’s been a fun and great journey”
– WooYoung Kim,
Senior Associate