Clayco’s Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Safety is Always our First Priority

Clayco is monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak as we continue to implement and adapt policies with the safety, health and well-being of our employees, clients, and partners at the forefront.

The health, wellbeing, and safety of our Clayco community and the broader communities in which we work are our highest priorities. We are taking steps to reduce the spread of this virus. We do so while ensuring maximum continuity for our customers and reliability for our subcontractors and supply partners.

In consultation with experts and with guidance from public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our Core Emergency Response Team is focused on two primary objectives:

  1. ) Maximizing the safety of our workforce at our offices and our jobsites, using best practices when it comes to non-essential travel, and carefully deploying people back into our work environments. All Clayco team members are asked to self-report their upcoming and recent travel and verify that, to their knowledge, they have had no direct contact with affected people. Team members of Clayco’s clients, subcontractors, and supply partners who have traveled to CDC identified Level 3 countries (China, Hong Kong, Iran, South Korea, and Italy) must notify Senior Leadership and the designated worksite leader. They may not report to Clayco offices or jobsites for at least 14 days after their return to the United States. This guideline also applies to all office and worksite visitors.
  2. ) Ensuring that there is little or no disruption in service to our clients and our construction project sites to the best of our ability. We remain committed to sharing information and addressing questions on a regular basis following this critically important message.

The steps that we are taking to achieve these two objectives are as follows:

Clayco Offices:

  • On February 29th we issued our first non-essential travel ban and defined our acceptable travel requirements. We provided contact information to all employees so that they have immediate access to Senior Leadership for real-time travel approvals, personal travel advice, and determination of travelers’ return to work. Simultaneously, we issued best practice advice on safeguarding against the virus.
  • In the last two weeks we have implemented a series of proactive steps to enhance the safety of our office staff. We have further limited travel and large gatherings and we’ve tightened security protocols for visitors and deliveries. We are continuously disinfecting and deep cleaning the office areas, work stations, and community spaces. . Later today we will issue and test more “work at home options” and evaluate our overall IT systems to find new “best practices” for continued operations.

Clayco Project Work Sites:

  • All jobsites will continue operations until further notice. Project sites will ramp up disinfecting and deep cleaning gathering locations. Work areas will be de-densified where possible. All sites will provide more hand washing stations and additional hand sanitizer. Field workers will receive continual jobsite education on how to protect themselves and who may be the most at risk. We are asking any project employees who don’t feel well, or are exhibiting any of the notable signs of the virus to leave the jobsite and notify their supervisor to help protect their co-workers.
  • If you believe there is a possibility of a supply chain delay, please notify Clayco Senior Leadership and the designated worksite leader as quickly as possible. We are committed to working with you and developing creative solutions throughout the course of these supply disruptions.
  • Exceptions and hardships will be considered on an individual basis by the Executive Response Team.

Pandemic Notification:

  • On March 11th The World Health Organization issued a notification that the COVID19 virus is a pandemic. In many cases this could be cause for a Force Majeure, under certain circumstances. Clients can expect proper notification and Clayco’s best efforts to minimize project disruption.
  • Clayco will efficiently and effectively communicate to all clients, supply partners, and subcontractors to provide notifications of the virus’s direct and indirect impacts on the progress of projects. This will include reports of any site personnel that has been exposed to the virus or diagnosed with the virus.

Events and Conferences:

  • Following the guidelines of social distancing, all non-essential in-person meetings and events are discouraged. All company events, with participation greater than 14 people, are prohibited on our jobsites and offices at this time. Everyone is encouraged to use the Company’s extensive video conferencing resources in lieu of such gatherings when possible.
  • Attendance at industry conferences and shows is also prohibited at this time.

Company Travel:

  • Only essential business travel, approved by Senior Leadership, is allowed. Team members are being asked to report personal travel to Senior Leadership, use common sense and practice vigilance while traveling, and to self-isolate for 14 days if they have traveled to a “hot spot” location.
  • Exceptions to this updated travel policy will only be made by Clayco Senior Leadership.

We acknowledge that this correspondence will not address all of the questions and concerns of our team members, clients, customers, and supply partners. We will continue to supply necessary updates and details via email. If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please contact Clayco Senior Leadership and the designated worksite leader so that we can respond quickly.

At Clayco we are safety FIRST. We acknowledge that these are concerning times, but we are committed to being proactive, cautious, and vigilant to mitigate as much risk as possible and keep our team, clients, subcontractors, and supply partners informed and protected. Thank you for your cooperation and steadfastness.

Hurry up and wash your hands every chance you get,
Bob Clark
Executive Chairman – Clayco

Bob Clark

Executive Chairman and Founder

The Most Important Things Right Now

• Take care of yourself (use the recommendations everyone and me are telling you)

• Take care of your children (this comes as schools are closing and you may need to alter your time at work or not work for a bit, etc. all ok for now)

• Take care of your partner (spouse, etc) your partner may be in a difficult situation. Let’s be the solution

• Take care of your other family and friends. We are in a place that will support that.

• Take care of your co-workers and give advice, council warm wishes and be supportive

• Don’t forget where you work and that your job is important because what you do is valued and critical to our customers, the people we have in the field that depend on us and might not have the choices you have

• Don’t forget that it’s a circle. What goes around comes around. Let’s be our brothers’ keepers. Remember that this is temporary, but our actions will be remembered for a long time