Every Clayco
Project Is an
Innovation Story

You’ll never hear us say, “but that’s the way it’s always been done.”  We constantly seek out new technologies, new methods and new ways to execute high-quality projects. We’ve been innovating since our inception in 1984, from being one of the first to utilize a full-room computer server to the data-collecting project drones we utilize today.

Each project we develop is not only woven with innovation, but driven by our intrinsic core values. They are the values that drive us further. They are values that set Clayco apart and will in turn, set your project apart.

Wildhorse Village

Elevated Work.

This new 80-acre, multi-use development will be the new urban center of Chesterfield, Missouri and is being delivered through the integrated services of CRG, Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Clayco.

Job is the Boss Tour

We launched the tour to recognize the resiliency of Clayco’s integral construction workforce who quickly adapted to working amid new health and safety guidelines during this tumultuous time.

We started on the east coast and traveled from Pennsylvania to the Midwest before heading to the west coast, traveling from San Diego to Seattle and back to Chicago. During this four-week period, we met directly with our diverse team of men and women across America, exchanging elbow bumps, face-to-face gratitude and thumbs up.

Campus Connector

Creating Inspiration.

Named to commemorate the University’s 40th anniversary, SCAD FORTY is a noteworthy campus connector hub that inspires students to engage and create.

Centene Campus

Clayco has been the design-builder on multiple of the Centene Corporations projects, including their local St. Louis headquarters.

Clayco is currently the construction manager overseeing the expansion of Centene’s campus project. This $770 million investment includes a new structure adjacent to the existing Centene Plaza HQ and will feature new office space, residential living, ground level retail, structured parking and a civic center complete with a full-scale auditorium

From Divide to Divine

The Delmar Divine uniquely maximizes the human and financial capital of St. Louis’ leading social service agencies.

Delmar Divine – a vision of civic leader Maxine Clark, Clayco CEO Bob Clark, Washington University, IFF, US Bank and Social Innovation STL – will transform nearly 500,000 square feet that today is a vacant former hospital, but for over a century was an innovative provider of compassionate care to people in need. Delmar Divine will be a place for conversation, creativity and collaboration that reflects a 21st century approach to maximizing human and financial capital.

Envisioning the future of the office as result of Covid-19

The New, New Workplace

During recent conversations with CEOs, facility managers and chief talent officers/HR executives, we’ve speculated about what preparations may be necessary to return the workforce to the office. CEOs want their employees back for various reasons, and there are important decisions to be made, both for a few months from now, hopefully, and far beyond.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for Success

Our Processes Place Value in the Team

Integrated Project Delivery is a method for designing and constructing projects. IPD creates trust through transparency, enabled by information/communications technology (particularly Building Information Management tools); and incentivized by shared risk and reward to achieve the owner’s desired outcome. IPD is effectuated by a multi-party form of agreement; a ‘relational’ contract among owner, designer, and constructor.

Clayco Salon Series

Every three months, Clayco hosts a significant and established artist for our Salon Series.

We present the artist’s imaginative work with our employees, friends and clients. The evening encourages discovery and discussion. This community commitment touches upon our mission of hospitably sharing our offices with our partners and friends and our mission to support meaningful and relevant artists, many of who have worked with us on large scale architectural projects and share our vision for the Art and Science of Building. Our current and past artist exhibits are displayed below.

From High-Performance to Hyperscale

Data Center Case Study

Since the 1960s, data centers have experienced a rapid evolution that continues to shift every day. What began as an 1,800 square-foot, 30-ton machine is now a variety of compact computer servers in dedicated buildings known as data centers. Today, data is delivered through a variety of outlets, from small high-performance computers to mega-sized hyperscale data centers.

Single-Day Bridge installation

All in a Days Work

Conventional erection of this sort of construction would have resulted in numerous road closures to a major thoroughfare. By building the bridge off-site and transporting it for single-day installation, Clayco saved local residents and businesses an estimated 5 months of impact to traffic.

This is Technology

Leveraging Our Expertise

Innovation is a bit of a paradox. The pressure which demands invention also explains why these feats rarely get attempted in the first place…

Next Generation of Hard Hats

Clayco is always looking for ways to improve safety

Clayco is a pioneer in creating the latest industry jobsite safety standards. That is why Clayco reached out to SCAD to collaborate on leading innovation in the creation of the new hard hat. The furthering of hard hat efficiency is one of the key components to creating a safer work environment overall.

Collaborative Delivery

We Live and Work by the Golden Rule

At Clayco, we believe we should treat others as we wish to be treated. That includes not only our coworkers, but extends beyond that to everyone we meet and work with throughout the design-build process…

The Art of Design Collaboration

Partnering with Talent

Clayco’s philosophy and vision is “the Art & Science of Building.” With this driving mantra, our love for art has led us to working with a portfolio of the most talented design partners in the world…

Transforming a Campus

Penn State East Halls Case Study

The Opportunity: Transforming the East Halls, a large residence hall campus at Pennsylvania State University. Penn State developed an RFP based on a master plan study and they chose the design-build delivery method to ensure the success of the ambitious and complicated long-term project…

Partnering with Local Builders

Thinking Big, Working Locally

Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, Clayco is well-versed in making the impossible, possible. Whether it’s renovating landmarks while keeping history intact or building the tallest building within a metropolitan city, in certain markets we have partnered with local builders to exceed client expectations…

Adding to the St. Louis Landscape

Leveraging Our Expertise

With an abundance of experience in construction for the healthcare industry, Clayco, as part of the ACW Alliance, was tasked with the transformation of the BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine campus…

Pfizer R&D Facility Case Study

Pharmaceutical Innovation

Pfizer Inc. discovers, develops, manufactures and markets leading prescription medicines for humans and many of the world’s best-known consumer brands. Their innovative, value-added products improve the quality of life of people around the world and help them enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives. Pfizer’s products are available in more than 150 countries…

The Core of What We Do

Pharmaceutical Client

Innovation and collaboration are at the core of the work Clayco does. We continuously strive to deliver high-reaching results for our clients at a level unmatched in the design-build industry. It’s these values of innovation and collaboration that awarded us the cutting-edge, 294,000-square-foot facility for a pharmaceutical company…

Beyond These Walls

What inspires innovative and collaborative thinking in a workforce?

Chicago-based Clayco, a real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction firm, has created hundreds of signature buildings since 1984 by emphasizing collaboration and transparency. “We’ve worked to align all of the enterprise interests with the clients’ goals,” says Bob Clark, Clayco’s founder and CEO. As the company’s mantra, “Beyond These Walls,” makes clear, the primary consideration is more than a physical structure.

Clayco Enterprise Pandemic Response

Safety is Always our First Priority

Since founding Clayco, Bob Clark has put innovation at the forefront of all projects, internal initiatives and Clayco’s fundamental mission of empowering communities. Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit and industry influence enabled him to trailblaze an award-winning corporate response to COVID-19…

Scaled-Up Progress

Zurich North America, Schaumburg, Illinois

Clayco is focused on the future. We are always finding ways to build on a larger scale with a smaller footprint. It’s a challenge we’re happy to accept, and that we tackled head-on with Zurich North America…