Message from our Chairman

When I started this company back in the 80’s, the building business had become adversarial and the processes were antiquated. Workers in the field were in an unsafe place and underappreciated.

There had to be a better way and so we created a team of the “best and brightest” to make a new approach to building things. An uncompromising approach to project safety that extended not only to the projects but to our team internally, our supply chain and to our clients.

I figured that along the way we’d change a few paradigms, find some efficiencies, collaborate with great people and make our clients very satisfied. But I had no idea just how far we would go.

With an integrated approach to the industry, a can-do attitude towards every problem and collaboration with only the brightest stars in the industry, we’ve been able to bring our clients’ visions to life and create inspired buildings that help them reach their goals. As the new economy emerges our revolutionary approach to technology has enabled us to help our clients thrive.

Beyond these walls, we’ve had the chance to work with impactful charities and government leaders to build the cities and communities in which we work. Our people have embraced this goal, driven to go above and beyond in the community the same way that they do for our clients, and I couldn’t be prouder of their work ethic and spirit.

We continue to enter new market sectors and add powerful integration tools to the model. A few years ago, we founded a venture capital company, Treehouse Adventures, to fully realize the potential of our management bandwidth and capital deployment. We founded Ventana, a full-service curtainwall company, and have added principal leadership to almost every group in the organization. As well, we created two cutting-edge technology companies that focus on experience design and drone flight data collection. We have the technical competence and assets necessary to complete our clients’ riskiest and most complex projects SAFELY, on time and under budget.

We’ll continue to do many things the same way; we remain committed to collaborating with our clients to give them the best value in the industry, building our relationships around the world, and bringing in creative, driven people who can help us serve our clients.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to see where we go in the next few years as we find innovative methods and new ways of doing business, collaborating and delivering excellent results.

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Executive Chairman & Founder