Our Commitment

Our Commitment


Clayco Safe – Setting a New Standard

From day one, Clayco has set out to be the leader in the industry for jobsite safety. That strategy has taken on a life of its own in creating an entire “safety net” over all we do. At Clayco, every team member is part of creating a SAFE PLACE. To work, to work with, to do business and trusting us with our clients’ most mission critical building projects.

With an amazing EMR of .50 and jobsite data across a wide variety of matrix we have proven year after year that we walk the walk. SAFETY is OUR FIRST PRIORITY. In fact, Clayco is proud to be a member of the Region VII OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) which recognize employers and workers in the private industry and federal agencies who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries.

We take a proactive approach to safety management to provide our clients with projects that go incident free. Our own branded safety program, Clayco Safe, empowers all personnel on any job site to identify and correct hazards and at risk behaviors, reinforce safety compliance and execute the highest standard of safety procedures and practices.

At Clayco safety is not only important on the job but off the job as well. The Clayco safety motto of “Clayco Safe We Live By It” is one way we communicate that safety is 24/7.

Stretch & Flex Program

The goal of a company-sponsored, stretching program is to provide work-specific stretches to help our employees increase their overall flexibility and range-of-motion. These stretches will lengthen the muscle tissue making the muscles less prone to trauma, tears, and other types of injuries. A stretching program will also help muscles and tendons recover more quickly from job fatigue. It is a good idea to stretch before work activity, both at the beginning of a shift and after lunch breaks, at a minimum.

Clayco understands the need to recognize those working safely in the field.

Several methods of recognition are possible on a Clayco project, however, one of the key events is our annual Field Recognition safety event. All field workers are invited to attend a dinner and opportunity to receive some nice prizes. This event is held to show appreciation for the focus on safety all have made over the past year.

Best-In-Class Safety Program

As a result, our Experience Modification Rate, a rating system used by insurers to gauge risk of on-site injury, and our Total Injury Rate have beaten industry averages for the past nine years. We are continually improving our processes to enhance our zero injury culture preventing incidents through an organized safety and risk management approach that employs the following:

  • Commitment from all levels that “No job is so important it cannot be done safely”
  • A vision that ZERO injuries is possible, with an emphasis on proactive measures
  • Web-based subcontractor prequalification selection process which includes a detailed safety review
  • Creation of site specific safety plans to address the risks of each project
  • Clayco specific safety orientation required for everyone working on the jobsite
  • Daily pre-task safety planning process for all crews
  • Robust communication and awareness processes if an incident occurs (Safety Alert and root cause analysis within 48 hours)
  • A monthly safety metrics dashboard creating accountability at all levels
  • Recognition for achieving significant safety milestones and injury free days/hours (Zero Heroes)
  • Weekly, documented, high-quality jobsite safety inspections conducted by all levels of the organization
  • Highly skilled and experienced safety professionals on staff to provide jobsite safety coordination
  • Safety education and training goals for all Clayco employees
  • Substance abuse testing programs for all employees
  • O.S.E.L.T. (Organizational Safety and Excellence Leadership Team) comprised of all levels of management, from executive to field, with the common goal of safety excellence.
  • Eye Protection: ANSI Z87 eye protection shall be worn at all times (including prescription eyewear). All grinding, saw cutting, and work involving flying particles shall require the use of a face shield, and either foam lined safety glasses or goggles.
  • Head Protection: Hard hats are required at all times (including welding), except when in break areas or equipment cabs. Hard Hat Welding Hood Variances may only be obtained from Clayco.
  • Hand Protection: Proper Gloves are required to be worn at all times (minimum ANSI cut level A3). Exceptions made only for tasks that physically cannot be performed while wearing gloves (i.e. threading small screws).
  • Fall Protection: 100% Fall Protection is required on unguarded areas 6′ or higher.
  • Pre Task Safety Analysis: Complete and sign the daily PTSA outlining the steps of the task, the hazards, and the controls.
  • Safe Work Permitting & Inspections: Complete and obtain Clayco approval for Hot Work, Confined Space, Roof Work & Excavation Permits. Complete Equipment & Aerial Lift Inspections prior to operation.
  • Verify Zero Enery: Verify that all energy sources are at zero before working on equipment.
Why I Work Safe
Todd Friis
VP, Risk Management
Cassandra Wall
Senior Project Manager
Anthony Johnson
President & Shareholder
Cymone King
Safety Engineer
JD Sossamon
General Superintendent
April Austin
Senior Project Engineer

Our Brand/Mantra

At CLAYCO, it’s been our culture from the very beginning to do more than build. To CREATE. To INNOVATE. And to do it with a holistic, intelligent balance of ART AND SCIENCE that’s unmatched anywhere.

In the process of creating and innovation, we tear down obstacles, old methods and outdated thinking, and we replace them with NEW IDEAS and TRANSFORMATIONAL SOLUTIONS.

We see our work through the EYES OF THE PEOPLE who will use them every day. Through their eyes, we see places of HEALING, NOURISHMENTS, PROGRESS, TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE, RESEARCH, INDUSTRY and ENTERTAINMENT.

The results? POWERFUL STRUCTURES with impacts that reach far BEYOND THESE WALLS.

Because it’s not about the walls we plan and the buildings we put up. It’s about the PEOPLE and their PURPOSE within them every day.

Without them, our walls have no purpose. And with them, our purpose has no limits. We build for a CURE… for a SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH… for a family that’s SAFE and HEALTHY… for a CLEANER WORLD… for a BETTER FUTURE.

That’s CLAYCO.


Our approach is very simple: treat others as we would want to be treated.

It means employing the best and brightest in our industry and embracing their passion, creativity and ideas—and arming them with the latest technology to help them do their jobs.

It means forging real partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors that start with better project management and fair bidding practices and extends to a zero-tolerance hard-hat policy, industry-leading safety practices and one of the first contractor-led insurance programs.

And it means thinking about the communities in which we build as our own—projects that enhance them, sustainability practices that reduce waste and programs that give back to the people that share them.

For clients, our approach has created a fully integrated real estate, architecture, design, engineering and construction model that brings clients creative solutions that help their businesses succeed, with rigorous project management and tight fiscal responsibility that delivers their projects on schedule, on budget, and above and beyond expectations.

It’s a model that’s special in our industry. Because it’s special, we’re able to pursue the best projects and be selective about where we apply our craft. The feedback? Repeat and referral business from our clients that will keep us growing and innovating for years to come.

That’s our design build construction approach.
And it’s what makes Clayco one of our clients’ most valued partners.

Clayco Rising

We ask you to join us in helping drive real positive change and to build a safe, equitable, and diverse workplace for all!

CLAYCO RISING is the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion program in the industry and is the culmination of 25 years of creating meaningful opportunity and enduring structural change for our employees, our minority-owned and women-owned business partners, and the communities where we live and work. Leveraging our vast resources and strong partnerships, we are working toward one core purpose – lifting up others and helping them break through and rise above the barriers of race, income, and gender.

For more on Clayco Rising, visit our website.

Juneteenth Program

The Clayco Foundation Formed Juneteenth Program and Juneteenth Advisory Committee.

The Juneteenth Program and the Juneteenth Advisory Committee was formed to assist the Clayco Foundation with the solicitation and expenditure of donations for charitable purposes and to support education, awareness, and charitable causes related to Juneteenth and furthering anti racism causes across a wide spectrum.

Celebrated on June 19th of each calendar year, Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when enslaved African Americans in Galveston, Texas learned they were free from slavery. Although the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863, many African Americans were still enslaved in some states. Today, Juneteenth remains a celebration of freedom and hope.

Clayco Executive Chairman & Founder, Bob Clark and Executive Vice President, Tom Sieckhaus, serve as Lead Mentors for this initiative, with Executive Vice President, Otto Nichols, Clayco Shareholder, as Lead Trustee and members of the Advisory Committee advising and assisting the Foundation in all matters related to the Juneteenth Program.

The initial members of the Juneteenth Advisory Committee are Sandra Marks, Arnez Stevenson, Dan Lester, Jesse Sanders, Christol Crenshaw, Chaun Robinson, Troy Stephens, Jr. and Karen Howell.


Empowering women both personally and professionally.

Our mission is to increase female leadership in the design, construction and real estate development industry. We connect, enable, and engage with women and communities across all areas of the industry to develop, impact and transform the culture from the inside out by investing in women.

Our guiding goals are to provide an environment that creates the opportunity for real connections that empower women both personally and professionally, build awareness and break down gender bias, and have a measurable impact on our projects, competitors, partners, clients, employees and communities.

For more on the women in our enterprise, visit our Women in Construction page.

The Clayco Future Leaders Fellowship will cultivate future leaders in arts administration who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

A significant piece of Opera Theatre’s equity initiative, the Future Leaders Fellowship will support and cultivate future arts leaders and administrators from backgrounds historically underrepresented in opera and arts administration, particularly those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color). Opera Theatre’s Clayco Future Leaders Fellowship Program will provide in-depth experiences that advance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that make these careers possible. Fellows will serve in a full-time position specializing in one area (Advancement, Artistic Administration, or Administration) while gaining experience in a range of essential functions across the organization. Fellowships will be structured according to the individual’s skills and interests and OTSL’s needs, but all Fellows will gain hands-on experience across various areas, including artistic administration, fundraising, marketing, audience cultivation, and business administration.

Through this fellowship, Opera Theatre seeks to introduce a diverse group of young professionals to the issues, challenges, and rewards of running an arts organization, whereby developing successful arts administrators who represent the diversity of our communities and who will add to the vibrant future of the opera field.

Clayco Advanced Construction and Materials Laboratory (ACML)

The lab will be one of the finest research centers in the world for construction materials and methods

Construction of the new $6.5 million lab is expected to strengthen Missouri University of Science and Technology’s position as a national leader in addressing the challenges of aging public infrastructure officially begins Friday with a ceremonial groundbreaking.

When completed, the Clayco Advanced Construction Materials Laboratory will expand the High-bay Structures Laboratory in Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Hall to provide 16,000 square feet of research space for developing and testing new construction materials and methods.

The ACML also will support the university’s research focus on infrastructure and sustainability, including the rehabilitation of urban mass-transportation centers such as highways, bridges, tunnels, rail, airports, port and water navigation channels, and utility infrastructure.

Community Involvement

The Clayco culture is built on building more than structures. We believe our projects are building communities, and that the jobs don’t stop when the projects open.

We partner with the communities in which we operate, and we’re in it for the long haul, giving time, energy, and resources to the projects and charities that can help build these communities. It is, and will always be, an important part of our identity. We’re working with nonprofit organizations to support education, the arts, medical research, disaster relief and opportunities for minorities, youth and the underprivileged.


The Clayco Foundation’s signature event in Chicago, is an all-sensory experience committed to raising funds to support research that could cure RVCL, a rare genetic disease, and save lives. Please visit www.illuminatechicago.com to learn more. All funds go to The John Atkinson Research Lab at Washington University.

Pedal the Cause

The Clayco Team rides and supports Pedal the Cause because we all have seen what cancer does and we’ve seen victories and defeats along the way. We ride to help fund the most cutting edge research so it can to move forward.

Girls on the Run

Clayco is proud to sponsor Girls On The Run – St. Louis. Girls on the Run is a physical activity-based positive youth development program (PA-PYD) designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological and physical competencies to successfully navigate life experiences. The mission of Girls on the Run St. Louis is to empower girls for a lifetime of healthy living. Our program for girls in the 3rd through 8th grades inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

CCDI – Construction Career Development Initiative

The Construction Career Development Initiative (CCDI) empowers students to build meaningful careers in dozens of construction industry fields.

CCDI: Construction Career Development Initiative

Clayco is proud to support the efforts of CCDI, a non-profit organization that brings diversity to the design and construction industry by mentoring and exposing minority/underrepresented and under employed men and women to career development in construction in Chicago and St. Louis.