Anthony Johnson

President & Shareholder, Industrial Business Unit Leader

Anthony creatively solves the most complex industrial real estate challenges facing corporations who are aiming to optimize and expand their manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial operations. By leveraging his industry-wide relationships and vast experience in real estate and construction, Anthony delivers Distribution, Manufacturing, Aerospace/Aviation, and Food & Beverage facilities for the world’s most innovative companies.

What Inspires You?

“The Mountains. Their Presence; their Beauty; their Vertical Drop; and Mother Nature’s greatest gift – their Powder. As an avid skier, I long for the rush that comes with racing down an untracked mountain on a cold but sunny, blue-sky day, with fresh snow spraying in my face. In this setting, I am inspired when I remind myself to stop for just a minute; to look up and take in the magical surroundings and briefly savor the moment I am in.

My business is no different. I relish the moment, when I get to roll up my sleeves with my employees and my customers, and together we tackle the challenges their naysayers said simply couldn’t be overcome.

Just like in the mountains, I am continually inspired when I look up, and take just a minute to appreciate the talent I am surrounded by, and the game-changing visions we are turning into reality.”

+1 314-592-2159


GCCA/IARW Sustainable Project Subcommittee, Chairman

IARW Construction and Codes Committee

Industrial Asset Management Council Member

Make A Wish Executive Committee Member


Masters, Business Administration, Washington University – St. Louis, Missouri

Bachelor of Science, Construction Project Management and Field Technologies University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota


People and Efficiency. Construction is all about communication, and relationships. Industrial construction, is all about making our clients’ business more efficient and cost effective.