Caroline Saunders

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Caroline leads Clayco’s legal team with the simple goal of delivering fair, efficient, collaborative, and streamlined contracts and other legal documents necessary for Clayco to deliver on-time and as-promised to its clients. Clayco’s legal team touches nearly every aspect of its business and its people, with a continued effort to provide no-nonsense real life solutions for our clients and their communities. Caroline is deeply committed to exceeding Clayco’s philosophy that its work and role in the community results in powerful structures with impacts that reach ‘far beyond these walls’.

What Inspires You?

“First thing that comes to mind in terms of what inspires me personally is health… all aspects of it:  physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational, cultural and social. The goal of good health or ‘wellness’, even as a relative term, requires constant mindfulness and discipline.  I am inspired by my responsibility as an individual, in every role I play in my life, to be aware of the choices that directly impact my life and my family, and to continue to at least try to pursue balance. Part of this too, is my hope to make a positive meaningful impact on changing for the better how women are valued and measured so that my daughter and son both see the world through a much more inclusive lens.”

+1 314-592-2295


The Missouri Bar
The Illinois Bar
United Way


Juris Doctor, Law University of Denver College of Law – Denver, Colorado
Bachelor of Arts, French, Saint Louis University – St. Louis, Missouri
Certificate, French, Universite de Lyon II-Institut d’Etudes Politiques