Kapil Khanna

Kapil Khanna

Chief Executive Officer, Lamar Johnson Collaborative

+1 312-884-8013

As Chief Executive Officer, Kapil provides overall leadership on the performance, excellence and quality of services delivered by Lamar Johnson Collaborative. He works with practice leaders across all disciplines to drive business and operational improvements and ensures alignment with the company’s strategic vision.  Kapil often serves as Chief Executive Officer on large institutional projects such as Cook County Health and Hospitals System Central Campus Health Center, Orange Regional Medical Center, and University of Chicago Center for Care and Discovery Parking Garage.

What Inspires You?

“First and foremost, my family. My wife and her passion and continued commitment for improving Education in the City of Chicago leave me in awe. She inspires me daily to learn, to enjoy our moments together, and to laugh. I have also been fortunate to have parents that took an incredible risk in relocating from their country and move to America when I was 9 years old. As an immigrant to this country my parents instilled in me the belief for a better future through hard work and determination. They taught me a lot about empathy, resourcefulness, and resilience. The same values my wife and I hope to pass on to our daughter. It’s many of these same values that I find in my peers and partners within the Clayco family. I’m inspired by their talents, work ethic and commitment to being students of the built world.”