Russ Burns

Russ Burns

President & CEO, Board of Advisors

+1 314-592-2216

Russ has over 30 years of diversified design-build experience and has held several leadership positions throughout the industry. Russ has been president of the Clayco enterprise consisting of all operating businesses since 2008 and was named Clayco’s CEO in 2019. He works with clients and Clayco’s leadership to promote collaboration & innovation across the Clayco enterprise and its subsidiaries throughout the country. Russ ensures that a client’s vision is understood in every step of the process.

What Inspires You?

I am inspired by this reality: Each day presents endless opportunities to make a difference. Not in the sense of some big thing to point to and say  “…that’s it!”

“Making a difference” is much bigger than any one thing…

I was taught at an early age that every person impacts the world around them, some for good and some for bad, and if I was going to get the most from life, I had to live with that awareness….

“Making a difference” is living each day/moment with the realization that through your action (or inaction) you will impact it…I am inspired by the seeming endless opportunities to seize each circumstance, event, project or relationship …some difficult, some enjoyable but all meaningful….to the end of impacting them and making a difference in them.

And in that reality determining to make that moment…event…project or person, better…