Penn State University West Campus Parking Garage and Infrastructure

University Park, Pennsylvania

The team lead planning, design, and construction efforts of the roadway, garage, and all related site/civil improvements. This is the first project that will be realized from the ongoing PSU College of Engineering Master Plan.

The Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative design-build team was selected to design and construct The Penn State University Park West Campus Parking Structure on the West side of the campus to accommodate campus growth. The project includes the extension of White Course Drive and a new major roadway connection from West College Avenue to the parking structure, including resulting signalization and other site/civil/landscape improvements. The scope of work also includes expansion of the existing stormwater detention basin on West Campus. It is anticipated that the parking structure will accommodate approximately 1,380 to 1,670 parking spots.

The project is integrating with several other programmatic efforts at the University, including a College of Engineering Master Plan and associated Traffic Impact Studies.

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Executive Vice President & Shareholder, Institutional Business Unit


Key Facts

Project size: 540,000 SF / 22 Acres / 1,650 Cars
Client name: Pennsylvania State University
Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative
Value:  $55 Million

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