Pfizer R&D Facility

Chesterfield, Missouri

The site concept was to integrate the new design-built laboratory facility with its unique site and its natural beauty, sunset views, and dramatic topography.

Pfizer, Inc., one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies hired the integrated CRG/Clayco/Lamar Johnson Collaborative team to design, build, finance and lease their world class, 295,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that reflects Pfizer’s highest standards for excellence, quality, safety and value.

Pfizer is committed to environmental sustainability, innovative performance, and employee engagement. The site concept is to integrate the new laboratory building with this unique site and its natural beauty, sunset views, and dramatic topography. The building program is strategically organized to provide operational efficiency and enhance cooperation. Unique collaborative spaces both inside and outside provide opportunities for innovation. Connecting nature, program, and people will enhance employee’s experience and the company’s productivity. The building design is fundamentally based on the Continuous Lab Concept, where the linear lab zone runs uninterrupted, parallel to a continuous office zone, separated by a generous corridor serving both lab and office. This approach allows maximum flexibility for the labs to change size over time. Lamar Johnson Collaborative has developed a workplace strategy that optimizes space which will manifest in centralized office supplies and storage, a dining facility on the first floor and a centralized cafe on all other floors. An observation study was completed on all labs, office and amenity spaces to identify improvement that supports the nature of work.

The Pilot Plant is a production facility that will be used for the first run of the innovative products that are being developed in the R&D Lab.

Clayco’s technology team was instrumental in conducting performance analysis of proposed curtain wall system and submitting findings to designers, taking the lead on re-formulating industry best practices for digitally enabled layout and the use of drones during several very critical phases of site development and underground scope.

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Key Facts

Project size:  295,000 SF
Client name:  Pfizer
Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Ewing Cole
Delivery Type:  Design-Build


St. Louis Business Journal’s 2020 Building St. Louis Awards for Public/Private Projects More Than $10 million

Integrated Company Involvement


Footings, Foundations, Slabs & Tilt-up Concrete


Unitized Curtainwall & Storefront Doors


Site Design, Building Design, Landscape Architecture, Workplace Strategy & Interior Design