The Cubes

Multiple Locations

The Cubes are strategically located in regional logistics hubs, with immediate proximity to interstates, ports and airports as well as being near high-consumption markets.

The Cubes industrial brand is owned and developed by CRG. The Cubes represents CRG’s philosophy of developing for the demands of next generation industrial users. The Cubes are designed with an emphasis on sustainability and state-of-the-art building specifications with consumer centric logistics strategies. With the end user always in mind, The Cubes offer superior access to logistics networks and strong, qualified labor supplies.

As the industry begins to measure cubic feet and maximize racking space, CRG’s “The Cubes” industrial brand is part of its leadership effort to meet this tremendous demand in the speculative warehouse market. In addition to The Cubes, CRG plans to build a minimum of 10,000,000 square feet on an annual basis worth about $650 million of its Class A industrial product per year.


The Cubes at Bridgeport

Project Location: Coweta County, Georgia
Project Size: 1,002,150 SF

The Cubes at Locust Grove

Project Location: Locust Grove, Georgia
Project Size: 1,000,993 SF

The Cubes at Inland 85

Project Location: Duncan, South Carolina
Project Size: 500,000 SF

The Cubes at Troutdale

Project Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Size: 350,000 SF

The Cubes at Huff Lane

Project Location: East Greenwich Township, New Jersey
Project Size: 283,040 SF

The Cubes at Etna 70

Project Location: Columbus, Ohio
Project Size: 2.4 Million SF

The Cubes at DuPont

Project Location: Coweta County, Georgia
Project Size: 1,600,000 SF

The Cubes at Airport Road

Project Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Project Size: 450,000 SF

The Cubes at York

Project Location: York, Pennsylvania
Project Size: 311,920 SF

The Cubes at Harmony Road

Project Location: East Greenwich Township, New Jersey
Project Size: 252,750 SF

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