Clayco has helped our clients turn their goals into groundbreaking projects for a variety of commercial building types.

Along the way, we’ve completely redesigned the way a construction company brings value to clients. Our integrated, full-services approach enables us to provide real estate services—from financing to leasing—and a truly collaborative design-build process that fast-tracks our clients’ most riskiest, complex and iconic projects.

It’s the intersection of creativity, design and execution with an eye on the practical considerations of timing and budgets. When this is all owned by a single, integrated team that operates without functional silos, the results are projects that fully meet the dreams, desires and expectations of clients.

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Doc’s Harley Davidson
Kirkwood, Missouri
This project captures the look of a factory, modernizing the store but retaining the biker nostalgia that is central to...
Liam Gillick Canopy at Centene Plaza
Clayton, Missouri
As sunlight shines down on the glass overhang between the building and the parking garage, the space beneath explodes in...
Maya Lin – Ellen Clark Hope Plaza
St. Louis, Missouri
Organized around a serene pond, the space encourages reflection, provides a respite, and helps people in moments of both grief...
Ned Kahn – Kinetic Veil at UCM
Chicago, Illinois
This viel allows the building’s significant mass to respond to the grander campus scale while also engaging the pedestrian community...
Mickett/Stackhouse – Riversong Mural at Gateway Plaza
Richmond, Virginia
“Riversong” is an original painting renowned artists Robert Stackhouse and Carol Mickett were commissioned to do for the project. — Clayco teamed...
Ned Kahn – Wind Wall at Centene Plaza
Clayton, Missouri
This project is called the Wind Veil, and it’s seven stories tall and about 300 feet wide. — Perhaps the most intriguing...
Mickett/Stackhouse – Clear Passage Sculpture
Richmond, Virginia
The sculpture is a massive and functional glass-and-stainless steel sculpture titled “Clear Passage” that dominates a corner of the lobby...
Missouri Baptist Medical Center Parking Garage
Town & Country, Missouri
This 120,000-square-foot garage that consists of three levels of parking with a total of 339 spaces. — The Clayco and HOK design-build...
Gateway Plaza Parking Garage
Richmond, Virginia
The parking is integrated into the base of the building, complimenting the office form, responding to the urban context, and...
East Block Retail Renovation at Presidential Towers
Chicago, Illinois
This renovation of the east block changed the way residents and the public access existing retail areas. — Clayco completed renovations on...