Clayco has helped our clients turn their goals into groundbreaking projects for a variety of commercial building types.

Along the way, we’ve completely redesigned the way a construction company brings value to clients. Our integrated, full-services approach enables us to provide real estate services—from financing to leasing—and a truly collaborative design-build process that fast-tracks our clients’ most riskiest, complex and iconic projects.

It’s the intersection of creativity, design and execution with an eye on the practical considerations of timing and budgets. When this is all owned by a single, integrated team that operates without functional silos, the results are projects that fully meet the dreams, desires and expectations of clients.

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Confidential Client – Data Center
square-feet on its building's 4th floor. The center’s power and cooling are the equivalent of a tier 3 data center...
BJC HealthCare Primary Data Center
O'Fallon, Missouri
The data center houses 1,850 servers, 71 miles of copper cabling, 10.5 miles of fiber cabling and 345 databases. The...
U.S. Cellular Corporation
Schaumburg, Illinois
U.S. Cellular wanted to up-grade their Chicago regional Data Center to modernize hardware and increase data capacity for a growing...
OG&E Metro Hardening
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This project was an addition to OG&E’s existing mission critical facility. The project increased infrastructure and enhanced the physical structure...
OG&E Operating Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This critical data center was built to withstand a EF-5 tornado. — New critical data center for Oklahoma Gas & Electric. Building...
Express Scripts Office and Data Center – Mission Critical
St. Louis, Missouri
This project created a new data center in Express Scripts’ new 4-story office building. The project required detailed collaboration with...
University of Chicago Medical Center West Campus Center for Care and Discovery Parking Garage
Chicago, Illinois
The building’s design allows its significant mass to respond to the grander campus scale while also engaging the pedestrian community...
Centene Farmington
Farmington, Missouri
Centene Farmington, a call center development located in Farmington, Missouri sits on approximately 22 acres near Engler Park. — Centene Farmington, a...
Confidential Technology Client Data Center
the region. The facility’s design includes stand-alone hot aisle containment systems with overhead cooling on a chilled water loop, serviced...
Confidential Technology Client Data Center
Central Virginia
Business Unit Leader & Shareholder +312-239-1293 Ed Zemaitis Vice President of Mission Critical Services +1 312-948-0711 Shelby Gardner Vice President of Mission Critical Operations +1 314-591-4486 Related...