Clayco’s aerospace and aviation clients are focused on connecting the world in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

A critical component in the execution of this strategy lies in the ability to manufacture materials and components, and also assemble aircraft in a safe, productive and competitive environment. Clayco’s approach to aerospace and aviation manufacturing plant design-build construction places technology at the core of our delivery model. Leveraging our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) platform, our design, preconstruction, and construction delivery integrates the manufacturing process and building infrastructure into a single, collaborative built environment.

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Anthony Johnson

Executive Vice President,
Industrial Business Unit Leader


Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Plant – South Carolina
Spartanburg County, South Carolina
This facility will be a major supplier of advanced materials to the aerospace industry. — The facility supplies carbon fiber for the...
Triumph Group Aerospace Manufacturing Plant
Edgerton, Kansas
This manufacturing facility for Triumph Aerospace will fabricate landing gear for the Airbus family of planes. — Clayco integrated an underground power...
Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant – Alabama
Decatur, Alabama
The facility also supplies carbon fiber for Hubbell Telescopes and satellites, as well as lower-grade carbon fibers for baseball bats,...
Jet Aviation & Gulfstream
Van Nuys, California
The project includes turnkey design, engineering facility, construction and commissioning. — Clayco was selected to design and build a turnkey project for...
Continental Motors
Mobile, Alabama
This latest aerospace facility is part of a growing aerospace sector in Alabama. — Clayco and Stonemont Financial Group were selected to...
Aeroterm and MLR Air Cargo Facility
Houston, Texas
The new facility serves tenants seeking to expedite airfreight delivery. — Clayco was selected to design-build the new 164,000-square-foot air cargo facility...
Confidential Client – Travel and Charter Hangar
St. Louis, Missouri
This project includes a 6,000-square-foot administration office and a 5,730-square-foot maintenance shop. — Clayco completed the renovation of an existing 42,000-square-foot corporate...
Northrop Grumman
Melbourne, Florida
This three-story office building is located on Northrop Grumman’s corporate campus and was developed around the company’s corporate standards to...