Total cost of production; time to market; safety and efficiency. Clayco’s approach to design-build construction is to integrate our clients’ business goals at the project level.

By working together early on to develop the optimum manufacturing process, our team will lead the integration of process equipment, building/infrastructure, design and construction.

Leveraging technology from Building Information Modeling (BIM) and daily cost and schedule updating, we design and coordinate real-time while we build; thereby eliminating process waste and getting our clients’ products to the market faster, safer and more efficiently.

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Industrial Business Unit Leader

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National Steel
Granite City, Illinois
The project consisted of setting and aligning equipment for the Continuous Caster, which is used to manufacture carbon steel plates. — Clayco...
Nordyne Co.
St. Louis, Missouri
The project included equipment removal, relocation, and re-commissioning necessitated from the flood of 1993. — Clayco completed a $10 million project for...
P.Q. Corporation
St. Louis, Missouri
This project consisted of a processing plant and equipment installation. — Clayco provided construction services for a $5 million grassroots processing plant...
Sullivan Roofing
Schaumburg, Illinois
Sullivan Roofing uses the production space for all types of custom architectural sheet metal fabrications and its customized roofing systems. — Clayco...
Union Electric Company
Portage De Sioux, Missouri
The project consisted of rebuilding and renovating all of the coal material handling equipment on a fast-track schedule. — Clayco completed a...
Union Electric Company, Meramec
St. Louis, Missouri
— St. Louis, Missouri The renovation was carried out in three phases; modifications to the conveyor system, structural repairs and upgrading. — Clayco completed...
International Technology
Times Beach, Missouri
This project involved the installation of a thermal treatment unit. — Clayco was prime contractor on the installation of a thermal treatment...
Shell Oil Company
Wood River, Illinois
This project included vessel setting, steel erection, piping and machinery alignment. — Clayco completed a series of capital projects for Shell Oil,...