WIC Week 2022

Growing the Role of Women in the Industry

At Clayco, our culture is focused on building more than structures. We believe in building communities. One of the communities we are excited to support and help grow is the community of women within our industry. From providing equal opportunity for all, to providing opportunities and mentorship for women-owned business, we are always excited to see our field become more diverse and inclusive.

Women in Clayco

We sent out a questionnaire to some of the women in our enterprise hoping they would share their experiences with us as a way to spotlight their roles and successes. We also hope their responses will offer some insight to women curious about entering the industry.

Robyn Artis – Design and Construction Integrator, Clayco
Carly Brown – Senior Project Manager, Clayco
Ciere Boatright – VP Real Estate & Community Development, CRG
Hannah Kiem – Vice President of Development, Southwest Region, CRG
Sarah Jacobson – Executive Director, LJC
Jenny Koerber – Project Manager, Concrete Strategies

Other Clayco Initiatives

Clayco Rising

Clayco has built the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion program in the industry – Clayco Rising. It is designed to create meaningful opportunity for our employees, our minority and women-owned business partners and people within the communities we serve. Together, we are breaking through barriers of income, race, sexual orientation and gender. We will rise above to bring positive change within our industry by building a diverse, respectful and safe workplace for all.


Our mission is to increase female leadership in the design, construction and real estate development industry. We connect, enable, and engage with women and communities across all areas of the industry to develop, impact and transform the culture from the inside out by investing in women.

Interested in a Career in Construction?

Whether you are a woman in college interested in an internship, in the craft workforce looking for a new opportunity, or in the industry seeking a career change, Clayco is always looking for the best and the brightest to join our team.

For more information on our hiring process or our open positions, please visit our Clayco Careers page.