Construction Safety

Construction Safety

A Story of Resilience

From towers to tunnels, bridges to buildings.

What goes into making progress possible?
Iron, wood, concrete, steel.

Also muscle and sweat. And blood and sacrifice.

The history of construction is a history of danger.

For decades, workers were on their own.
No harness, no helmet, no net.

For too long, “safety” was a foreign concept. When accidents occurred, courts sided with employers.

Accepted wisdom was one death per every million dollars spent.
Workers’ families could only hold their breath for a safe return.

Today companies like Clayco make safety everyone’s business.

It’s 20-20-20: every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to look 20 feet around.
“You see it, you own it!” gives authority to all workers to call out hazards and risks.

Clayco builds on the work of pioneers in worker safety.


Massachusetts mandated fire exits and guards for shafts, gears, and belts.


African-American inventor Powell Johnson patented safety eyewear to guard metalworkers from bright lights.

We’re committed to “Clayco Safe” culture: “No job is so important it cannot be done safely.”

That culture calls for an active dedication to care and concern from everyone. On site and at home: “Work safe, live safe— 24/7.”


Avoid FALLS by only walking and working surfaces that are clear, paying attention to where you’re going. Protect edges with hard barricades. Set up ladders correctly, and keep hands free for secure climbing.