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Clayco has helped our clients turn their goals into groundbreaking projects for a variety of commercial building types.

Along the way, we’ve completely redesigned the way a construction company brings value to clients. Our integrated, full-services approach enables us to provide real estate services—from financing to leasing—and a truly collaborative design-build process that fast-tracks our clients’ most riskiest, complex and iconic projects.

It’s the intersection of creativity, design and execution with an eye on the practical considerations of timing and budgets. When this is all owned by a single, integrated team that operates without functional silos, the results are projects that fully meet the dreams, desires and expectations of clients.

Speculative Office Campus

Charlotte, North Carolina

Commercial Business Units


Clayco’s corporate business unit understands that every project needs to meet the vision of the organization without ever losing sight of the cost and schedule.

Mission Critical

Clayco delivers high-performing data centers fast. As experts in integrated delivery, we work alongside mission critical design teams and engineers more collaboratively and quickly than the competition using lean construction techniques.

Sports & Entertainment

Clayco has managed the building of iconic structures that draw fans and crowds while providing outstanding amenities for athletes and entertainers.

Parking Garages

Parking is always at the center of any new design-build project.

Public Art

Clayco has always believed that artwork can enhance the quality of a project and give it a unique character.