What is Design-Build?

Design-build construction is the fastest-growing and most popular method used to deliver projects in America.

The method is defined as a sole-source contract for design and construction services and the collaborative attitude of everyone involved in the project. The success of the design-build process relies on the designer and contractor to think and act as a single entity.

Design-build is intended to be a highly collaborative, fully integrated process that is built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation and creative problem-solving. Design-build unleashes the power of a unified team to deliver projects faster, better, and at optimal cost – best value for the money, time and effort invested. Owners find that when design-build is done right, their level of engagement with the entire team is more meaningful than is experienced with other delivery methods.

Across the country and around the world, design-build successfully delivers projects with superior results, no matter what the project type.

Clayco’s Integrated Approach

From the beginning, it has been Bob Clark’s vision to create a truly collaborative, integrated firm. Clayco provides turnkey, full-service building solutions through our real estate services capabilities with CRG, a private real estate development firm, and our fully integrated subsidiary Lamar Johnson Collaborative, an award-winning architecture and design firm. Together CRG, Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Clayco can provide our clients with all of their project’s needs from the development and the design stages all the way to project completion. Our integrated process allows our team to combine the technologies and expertise of some of the brightest minds in the industry.

The expanded firm has proven expertise in commercial, residential, multi-use, interiors, healthcare, retail, planning, landscape, education, and industrial architecture, as well as a strategy team which uses economic and ethnographic data to consult with clients on workplace trends and asset optimization. Among the firm’s unique capabilities are the Technical Assurance Group (TAG), which consults with project teams to apply lessons from the built environment to projects still on the drawing board, and the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team, which provides BIM support for the use of integrated models and provides collaboration space for real-time decision-making by owners.




Providing Integrated Delivery

The inefficacy that remains in the traditional design-bid-build construction model needs to change. Clayco believes that we can leverage our combined firm’s proven capabilities in integrated execution to bring a systematic approach to a broader range of projects and clients. Clayco provides clients with a deep bench of resources and industry-leading technology to deliver the best project solutions.