Clayco Safe – Setting a New Standard

From day one, Clayco has set out to be the leader in the industry for jobsite safety. That strategy has taken on a life of its own in creating an entire “safety net” over all we do. At Clayco, every team member is part of creating a SAFE PLACE. To work, to work with, to do business and trusting us with our clients’ most mission critical building projects.

With an amazing EMR of .52 and jobsite data across a wide variety of matrix we have proven year after year that we walk the walk. SAFETY is OUR FIRST PRIORITY. In fact, Clayco is proud to be a member of the Region VII OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) which recognize employers and workers in the private industry and federal agencies who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries.

We take a proactive approach to safety management to provide our clients with projects that go incident free. Our own branded safety program, Clayco Safe, empowers all personnel on any job site to identify and correct hazards and at risk behaviors, reinforce safety compliance and execute the highest standard of safety procedures and practices.

At Clayco safety is not only important on the job but off the job as well. The Clayco safety motto of “Clayco Safe We Live By It” is one way we communicate that safety is 24/7.

What is VPP?

The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) recognizes work-sites that have achieved and continue to maintain excellence in worker safety and health protection through cooperation with and among labor, management, and government. Simply put, we are being considered as a model of safety excellence through the eyes of OSHA.

We have a team where every individual believes that we can work injury free 100% of the time and are unwilling to allow any task to be done without considering and safely managing the risks. Everyone is responsible for recognizing hazards and correcting issues rather than live with them or walk by them. “You See It, You Own It” All of us carry this attitude in all aspects of our lives both at work and with our families. (Safety is 24/7)

Stretch & Flex Program

The goal of a company-sponsored, stretching program is to provide work-specific stretches to help our employees increase their overall flexibility and range-of-motion. These stretches will lengthen the muscle tissue making the muscles less prone to trauma, tears, and other types of injuries. A stretching program will also help muscles and tendons recover more quickly from job fatigue. It is a good idea to stretch before work activity, both at the beginning of a shift and after lunch breaks, at a minimum.

Clayco understands the need to recognize those working safely in the field.

Several methods of recognition are possible on a Clayco project, however, one of the key events is our annual Field Recognition safety event. All field workers are invited to attend a dinner and opportunity to receive some nice prizes. This event is held to show appreciation for the focus on safety all have made over the past year.

Best-In-Class Safety Program

As a result, our Experience Modification Rate, a rating system used by insurers to gauge risk of on-site injury, and our Total Injury Rate have beaten industry averages for the past nine years. We are continually improving our processes to enhance our zero injury culture preventing incidents through an organized safety and risk management approach that employs the following:

Why I Work Safe