Ryan McGuire

Ryan McGuire

Executive Vice President, Mission Critical Business Unit Leader & Shareholder

+1 312-576-3804

Ryan brings creative problem solving and unparalleled passion to helping our corporate business clients achieve their most strategic real estate objectives. His deep knowledge of work place strategy, disciplined and innovative approach, and ability to partner directly with clients and design firms brings to life world-class, high-performance corporate work environments that surpass client expectations time and time again. Ryan credits his success to dynamic teamwork, an ability to listen to and understand the client’s most important and pressing needs, then working with them in a hands-on, collaborative and transparent manner to establish strategies that best achieve their mission, vision and goals without ever losing sight of their very real business imperatives like schedule and cost.

What Inspires You?

Safety: Seeing each and every worker entering our jobsites return home to their families the same way they came in (or better) due to the fantastic safety culture established by our jobsite teams.

People Development: Watching our very talented, motivated people develop and advance in their careers while delivering outstanding results for our clients (through teamwork, ingenuity, dedication and collaboration).

Client Relationships: Developing long-term relationships with our clients and providing assurance that even their most mission critical projects are in the very capable hands of Clayco, so they can focus their energy and attention on the priorities of driving the continued success of their organizations.

Disruption & Innovation: Advances in technology, integration and innovation, and the future of our industry.

Philanthropy & Role Modeling: Contributing to the greater good, standing up for what you believe in, positive role modeling.