Clayco Construction Access Screening

Clayco is going to begin screening everyone entering the site.

What to expect when you arrive on site:

Please allow extra time to get to work.

The goal is for Clayco and their Subcontractors / Supplier Personnel to self-screen online and report prior to arrival.

We acknowledge that this added step prior to starting work may be an inconvenience. However, in this unprecedented time, we want to do everything possible to keep you safe at work.

Complete the online self assessment DAILY, before you arrive on site.

Before you report to work each day, complete the online form and show your result when you enter the site.  Once you click Submit, do not close this screen. You will need to show this screen when you enter the site for work.

What to do if you fail your daily screening

The screening includes temperature checks. Any persons who do not meet screening criteria or have a temperature that registers at or in excess of 100 degrees will not be allowed to enter the site.

Employees who fail the screening or temperature check will be directed to contact their employer.