The World is Diverse and So Are We

Encouraging Growth

Clayco is always striving to provide equal opportunity to all people and all qualified small business suppliers and contractors in the communities where we conduct business. Providing opportunities for people, including minority and women-owned businesses, is a standard method of operation throughout all levels of Clayco.

Clayco has established a long-term mentoring relationship with several disadvantaged firms, assisting them on providing services with quality and professionalism. We plan on continuing to provide mentoring services and encouraging the growth of the local subcontractor and vendor base.

In meeting Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) goals, we ensure that we provide “right-sized” bid packages that allow for MBE/WBE success. In addition, we actively search the local market to ensure we get the best MBE/WBE firms involved in our project.

Clayco Rising is the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion program in the industry and is the culmination of 25 years of creating meaningful opportunity and enduring structural change for our employees, our minority-owned and women-owned business partners, and the communities where we live and work. Leveraging our vast resources and strong partnerships, we are working toward one core purpose – lifting up others and helping them break through and rise above the barriers of race, income, and gender.

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Reaching Out

In 2015, Clayco established its Office of Government and Community Affairs and hired Sandra Marks as Senior Vice President responsible for external areas of outreach to the government and community, alignment of community resources, and impactful improvement of the design and construction industry. Sandra Marks has a long history of outreach to the minority/women community and understands the capabilities of the MWBE firms as well as how our team can supplement the firms to allow them to be successful and enhance their capabilities for future pursuits. To hear more about our success stories or if you are a M/WBE firm, contact Sandra Marks.

We are all about building real, meaningful change from the ground up. Building equitable opportunities, relationships and accountability are what makes this program so successful.

The Clayco Foundation Juneteenth Fund is proud to support local and national organizations that further the causes of equality and justice as they specifically pertain to the African American community. The Juneteenth Fund actively seeks non-profits and individuals that align with our mission for recognition and as fund beneficiaries.

“For Clayco, how much we spend with MBE or WBE firms, or how many minorities and women we hire, is not the end, it is just the beginning.” – Sandra Marks, Vice President, Office of Government and Community Affair, Clayco

CCDI connects youth in under-served communities with career opportunities in construction — from professional trades to college degree programs. We’re working to build for the future.

Clayco Connects

We understand that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Clayco Connects is Clayco’s relationship-building initiative bringing together the executive leadership of Clayco, its strategic subcontractors, and numerous minority construction firms to engage in long-term knowledge transfer, capacity building and strategic partnerships. Clayco subject matter experts meet regularly with the program’s participants in large and small groups to help these firms expand their business footprint, encourage greater collaboration among primes and other MBE/WBEs, build relationships across the construction industry, broaden the industry’s diverse leadership pipeline, take on larger roles in the community and participate in workforce development.

Field Focus

Clayco’s Field Focus program creates a jobsite culture on all of our projects that supports the training, retention, investment, and promotion of all field team workers with special emphasis on the growth and development of minorities and women who will become the leaders in their respective trades and communities. We are developing an innovative approach to jobsite mentoring which recognizes that “one-size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to the recruitment, hiring, training and promotion of individuals within our industry. Teaming Clayco field leadership and the field leadership of our subcontractors with individuals entering the trades will help remove the barriers that often exist when relationships are underdeveloped or non-existent.

Clayco Internships

Our inclusion goal at Clayco is to make an impactful improvement in the design and construction industry, locally and nationwide. This starts in the early years of education. To further engage our youth, Clayco provides internship opportunities to college students each year to offer learning opportunities in our field.