Collaborative Delivery

We Live and Work by the Golden Rule

At Clayco, we believe we should treat others as we wish to be treated. That includes not only our coworkers, but extends beyond to everyone we meet and work with throughout the design-build process. We are proud of the strong relationships we have created with contractors and subcontractors within local communities. Since our business is built around the passion and ideas that come from these partnerships, we approach projects with a fair and inclusive spirit.

“The Clayco onsite team was always looking out for the owner’s best interest, but at the same time they were very fair with us. Clayco created a safe working environment that was organized so we could get our work done. Job meetings were organized better than other builders.”

– Dave McGettigan, President, East Coast Electric, Inc.

Investing Locally

On jobsites, Clayco works to partner with as many local subcontractors as possible. By doing so, we’re able to go Beyond These Walls and empower members of the local communities in which we operate. Over the years, Clayco has created strong relationships with regional contractors and, in some cases, even brings them onboard for other projects in other parts of the United States. With our strong national presence, Clayco builds these relationships with contractors all across the country. As a result, we can hire outside immediate markets when necessary.