The Core of What We Do

Innovation and collaboration are at the core of the work Clayco does. We continuously strive to deliver high-reaching results for our clients at a level unmatched in the design-build industry. It’s these values of innovation and collaboration that awarded us to build the 250,000 square feet facility for a pharmaceutical company.

Providing a View for the Future

Our client is a global pharmaceutical company that was looking to establish a design-build relationship with a developer to consolidate its multiple Chesterfield, Missouri facilities into a single structure headquarters with all of their employees under one roof. Our client enlisted the help of the integrated CRG/Clayco/Lamar Johnson Collaborative teams as well as the EwingCole team to bring their facility to life. The complex project took an immense amount of planning and attention to detail, and through the collaboration of all the partners involved, the project has continued ahead of schedule and under budget.

Utilizing the 3D model data to install hangars prior to the pouring of concrete was essential to reducing risk, as well as saving time and budget during construction. The different partners leveraged the 3D model to prefabricate project elements, including utility core walls, cell bank wall panels, pump skids and piping racks, off-site at a shared facility where they are assembled in sections that are sized to maximize shipping and on-site installation.

The collaboration between all of the partners involved is what made this project a big success. By communicating with our partners during the process, we were able to adjust traditional decisions to minimize risk while ensuring we were not only completing the work on time, but also ahead of schedule.

Mike Bieg, President, Icon Mechanical

Clayco also used drones during extremely critical phases of site development and underground scope. The constant communication and strategy collaboration among the teams involved enabled an overall higher quality solution.

Expected to be completed in March 2019, the result will be a state-of-the-art facility, adhering to the many regulations prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry, while also providing employees with a beautiful, state-of-the-art workspace.

This pharmaceutical project has been a unique job that we’re extremely proud to be involved in. The collective hard work, creativity and problem solving efforts showed by the team resulted in quality design and a building, which we all believe, will lead to significant advances in human health.

Rick Moeckel, Executive Vice President $ Shareholder, Institutional Business Unit Leader, Clayco

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