Scaled-Up Progress

Workspace for the Future

Clayco is focused on the future. We are always finding ways to build larger scale with a smaller footprint. It’s a challenge we’re happy to accept, and that we tackled head-on with Zurich North America’s 783,800-square-foot headquarters. Its impressive presence spans 40 acres of previously vacant land, and at every touchpoint, we were sure to be thoughtful about the impact that we had on the land and community surrounding it.

Big, Bigger, Zurich

Our employees of course love the fitness center, cafeteria, and outdoor terraces, but they really love that they are all connected by walking trails. Critical collaboration happens for us in the spontaneous passing moments.

Mario Greco, CEO, Zurich North America

Design with a Purpose

The Zurich headquarters has been celebrated across the market for its advances in sustainability. It emphasizes a holistic, integrated approach to sustainability and aligns with Zurich’s commitment to building sustainable communities with a focus on energy and operational efficiencies to create the best workspace for the future.

Keeping it Native

Nearly 40 acres of open space and native landscaping with more than 70% open/softscape. Includes more than 1 acre of green roof, 637 trees and 12+ acres of native savannah plantings.

Strong Safety Numbers

The 30 month building process had only 11 lost work days. This project used a number of safety related initiatives including morning stretch & flex, 100% glove use, 100% fall protection and mandatory safety training on site.