Clayco Hosts Polished Pebbles Girls for Interactive Construction Event in Chicago

March, 5, 2024, Chicago, IL – In celebration of Women in Construction Week, Clayco welcomed 25 sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls from Joseph Brennemann school in Chicago today.  The girls are part of Polished Pebbles, a Chicago-based mentoring initiative that increases the communication skills and employability of young women for the future workplace.  The girls were treated to breakfast and learned about development, design and building from experts at Clayco, CRG and Lamar Johnson Collaborative.   The girls then broke into groups for a hands-on activity where they developed blueprints, calculated square footage, and determined the cost per square foot to build a home.  They were treated to lunch where Clayco volunteers provided a session on table etiquette along with dos and don’ts for business lunches and dinners. 

Downloadable Images
Polished Pebbles 1Polished Pebbles 2
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Polished Pebbles 7Polished Pebbles 8
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