What to Do to Keep Everyone Safe

On the Jobsite:

Separation: Goal is to keep everyone separated as much as possible – at least six feet of personal space.
• Meetings –
remove seats from conference rooms so people can spread out or hold meetings via video conference
• Work Areas –
coordinate daily with subcontractors to prevent crews from working too close to each other (work on separate floors or opposite ends of floor)
• Break Areas –
stagger break times and/or provide more areas for crews to be able to spread out
• Orientation – Limit groups to 10 or less – 6’ of space per person. Have subs make appointments to get people into orientation
• TBT | Stretch & Flex – Move outdoors to spread out or have crews perform individually (provide TBT script and sign sheet to foreman) (Stretch and Flex Program: here)
• Paperwork – If possible, stage paperwork in building or outside trailer. Post a mailbox outside trailer for foreman to turn in completed forms

Cleaning: Means to frequently and thoroughly clean common areas must be put in place.• Make sure adequate supplies are available
Areas of extreme focus: Door knobs/handles; Restrooms and porta-jon facilities; Kitchen counters, sinks, refrigerators, water coolers; Conference room tables and chairs; Break area tables and benches/chairs
Increase staff to focus on these tasks, as necessary

Hygiene: Insure that adequate information and facilities are available.
Post signs/posters in areas around the site
Install extra washing facilities spread out around the site
Install hand sanitizers in multiple areas around the site
Focus on break areas, restrooms, stairs (hand rails)
Avoid sharing tools, but if you must, sanitize with Clorox wipes between users
Clean equipment between users

Screening: Projects need to make accommodations for screening all workers that enter the site for body temperatures.
Establish a single entry point for all workers
Procure scanning, non-contact temporal thermometers
Workers with temps of 100.4 or higher moved to additional screening
Questionnaire to be completed/reviewed by nurse for recommendations
Testing for COVID-19, quarantine off-site

In the Office: