Clayco’s M/WBE and SBA Resources

We don’t build with bricks and mortar alone,
but with relationships built on diversity and inclusion

Clayco is always striving to provide equal opportunity to all qualified small business suppliers and contractors in the communities we conduct business. Providing opportunities for minority and women owned businesses is a standard method of operation throughout all levels of the Clayco organization. Clayco has established long-term mentoring relationships with several disadvantaged firms, assisting them on providing services with quality and professionalism. We plan on continuing to provide mentoring services and encouraging the growth of the local subcontractor and vendor base, especially during this time.

The health, wellbeing, and safety of our Clayco community and the broader communities in which we work are our highest priorities. We are taking steps to reduce the spread of this virus by operating our jobsites as safety as possible. We do so while ensuring maximum continuity for our customers and reliability for our subcontractors and supply partners.

In consultation with experts and with guidance from public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our Core Emergency Response Team is focused on two primary objectives:

1) Maximizing the safety of our workforce at our offices and our jobsites, using best practices when it comes to non-essential travel, and carefully deploying people back into our work environments.

2) Ensuring that there is little or no disruption in service to our clients and our construction project sites to the best of our ability.

We believe that we are all in this fight together and we want to be a reliable resource. Please explore the shared correspondence, templates, and links made available to you here. We remain committed to sharing information and addressing questions on a regular basis following this critically important message. Please check back frequently for new updates and additional resources.

The Most Important Things Right Now

• Take care of yourself (use the recommendations everyone and me are telling you)

• Take care of your children (this comes as schools are closing and you may need to alter your time at work or not work for a bit, etc. all ok for now)

• Take care of your partner (spouse, etc) your partner may be in a difficult situation. Let’s be the solution

• Take care of your other family and friends. We are in a place that will support that.

• Take care of your co-workers and give advice, council warm wishes and be supportive

• Don’t forget where you work and that your job is important because what you do is valued and critical to our customers, the people we have in the field that depend on us and might not have the choices you have

• Don’t forget that it’s a circle. What goes around comes around. Let’s be our brothers’ keepers. Remember that this is temporary, but our actions will be remembered for a long time

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