Bob Clark

Bob Clark

Executive Chairman and Founder, Board of Advisors

+1 312-884-8005

Bob Clark founded Clayco in 1984 with the goal of finding new, better ways to do business, and hasn’t looked back since. The company is now among the largest builders of industrial, advanced manufacturing, food & beverage and hyperscale data facilities. By establishing and nurturing a company culture of collaboration and a can-do attitude, he ensured that Clayco was the best option for both clients and innovators.

Bob dedicates his time and resources to addressing critical issues, including children’s needs, education, and rare disease research projects, and supports strong civic leadership. He is currently launching the Clark Family Foundation and has been engaged as a longtime trustee of several institutions, including the University of Chicago Medical Center, Loyola University Chicago, SLU, Washington University and Central Institute of the deaf.

When he’s not pioneering the next big idea, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jane Clark, his children, and his grandchildren at his Colorado ranch, and hiking mountains worldwide.

What Inspires My Team?

I have three key attributes of the business that I never veer from and I talk often about them.

At Clayco, we surround ourselves with the “Best and Brightest.” Our company is full of over achievers, most smarter than me. They are a group of ambitious, thoughtful, diverse people that want to make a difference in the world and an impact every day.

Secondly, my dad, Harold Clark, instilled in me to think about the golden rule every day – “to treat people how you want to be treated.” This applies to how we partner with subcontractors and vendors and basically set us apart as a true partner to the supply chain.

And thirdly, if you do the first two things religiously, you can be selective about where you apply your craft. YOU chose where you spend your time, so choose carefully and get yourselves in a position to be able to decide your own fate.