Frank May

Frank May

Vice President, Recruiting

+1 314-592-2101

Frank has spent the majority of his career in acquisition, training, and the development of great people. With over 15 years of recruiting experience in the construction and architecture industry, Frank is responsible for working with Clayco’s leadership to help solve the enterprise’s complex employment needs. He has been a key driver of keeping Clayco’s talent base growing along with the company.

What Inspires You?

“I love meeting new folks that come from an entirely different perspective, that share a passion for others.  I am inspired by the diverse creativity and collaborative practicality of the members of our family.

Since 2008, I have witnessed tremendous growth here at Clayco and have been fortunate to see our family evolve, while staying true to some core principles.  Hire the best, set clear expectations, allow autonomy to make decisions, help each other, treat those as we would want to be treated, and enable our members to do what they excel at.

Clayco’s recruiting objective is really a marketing expedition spreading the good news.  My job is to help the best people in our industry understand our culture, how they can help advance the built environment, and utilize their creative side. This makes it fun, challenging, and rewarding to come to work daily.

Doing what we say we are going to do is in our DNA. Each day we aim to improve the future, yet I can’t help but look back and see the amazing accomplishments of our outstanding team.

I am filled with excited anticipation for what comes next!”