Matthew McKenna

Matthew McKenna

Vice President of Residential Construction

+1 314-239-1584

Matthew McKenna provides overall leadership for nearly every aspect of construction, from development through project completion, possessing a unique combination of hands on technical experience coupled with strong communication and organizational skills. Matthew is proficient in all aspects of design and construction and provides clients with proven solutions for complex projects with the ability to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders. As Vice President, Matthew gives direction in planning, coordination and execution of work on time and within budget, while attaining or exceeding budget goals, maintaining a safe workplace, and enhancing client relationships.

What Inspires You?

“There are many things that have inspired me throughout my life. To choose just one, I would have to say family. Each person in my family has inspired me in different ways. Their positivity generates my energy. When I see my family, friends, and acquaintances striving to be the best and make change for the better in the home, the workplace and in the community for others, it is this passion that always inspires me to work harder in all aspects of my life. This inspiration translates into my work life and the family within Clayco.”