Robert Jernigan

Robert Jernigan

Senior Vice President

+1 310-415-3753

Rob Jernigan’s years of experience have been driven by his deep understanding of the science of architecture and his desire to continually improve upon it. Rob possesses an instinctive ability to bring together diverse teams on behalf of a common goal, whether that goal is a high-rise office tower or a community outreach program.

From pioneering fast-track methods for expediting delivery in the public and private sectors to redefining the state-of-the-art investment-grade commercial building through the integration of sustainable design, Rob has remained in the vanguard. Rob’s work includes multiple award-winning and highly complex projects.

What Inspires You?

“I grew up with the belief that you leave places better than you found them and that passion drove me to the design and construction industry.  I believe through our commitment and with our clients that we can make our communities better through our expertise with sustainable placemaking – together we all strive to leave the community and places we impact better than we found them.”