Todd Friis

Todd Friis

Senior Vice President, Risk Management

+1 314-592-2178

Todd manages and directs Clayco’s safety team, field responsibilities, and marketing efforts to exceed corporate safety goals and client expectations. Todd is a dedicated safety leader whose strengths include collaborating with others to achieve excellence, executing safety initiatives and processes to successful completion, holding himself and others accountable and persistently pursuing the goal of getting everyone home safe every day.

What Inspires You?

“My inspiration and drive starts with helping the skilled people who work on our projects creating our amazing buildings get home without incident. Nobody should have to go to work and get injured! Work is hard enough without having to get hurt. This very simple thought process keeps me pushing every single day for safety excellence even if things get complicated and challenging.

I am also very inspired to mentor the other safety professionals on my team and our subcontractors. It is very satisfying to help people grow and succeed in this very important profession.

For fun I enjoy exercising and spending time outside cycling, boating, fishing, camping, skiing and taking adventurous vacations with my family.”