Centene Reclad

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Ventana and Clayco teamed up on the removal and replacement of the curtainwall system on Centene Building A.

The Clayco team replaced the existing curtainwall system on a 10-story office building in Clayton, Missouri for Centene. The building was originally built in the early 1970s and was updated to match the other buildings on the corporate campus.

The existing glass was comprised of ¼ inch Gray Tint Plate Glass. This glass is no longer industry standard. The durability has fallen behind our safety expectations. The durability of the glass has also become challenging over the past several years.

The new glass is 1 1/16 inch thick and is heat-strengthened glass that will be protected with an interior handrail that is integral to the glazing system which is how both Building B and Building C were built.

The main difference between the existing plate glass and the new Heat Strengthened Glass is that the new glass is much harder to break, approximately twice as strong and approximately three times as thick. Buildings B and C are already vandal resistant; Building A is not.


Centene Corporation


Clayton, Missouri