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The building features shared workspaces, additional open common elements to encourage collaborative engagement and amenities to improve the quality of the work environment.

Clayco completed the design and construction of this facility for Seneca, CRE. The 125,000-square-foot facility is located at the northwest quadrant of Olive Boulevard and Ross avenue in Creve Coeur, a suburb of St. Louis.

This project utilized the full design-build and self-perform concrete resources of Clayco, Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Concrete Strategies. The 4-story tilt-up design includes curtainwall and additional exterior architectural features. Designed pre-pandemic, the building contains touchless doors and a sleek, open concept offering communal amenities, so tenants don’t have to build them into rented spaces.

All four floors are connected by a central communicating stair that opens to two multi-level atriums. To host outdoor events, tenants can raise rolling garage doors on each side of the building’s ground level. Self-cleaning antimicrobial surfaces can be found throughout the building—a project modification made during the construction phase. Other project modifications made to combat COVID-19 included replacing standard restroom doors with dual-action doors that can be opened with a bump from feet or hands as well as installing automated check-in and sanitation stations at all building entrances.

The building features shared workspaces, additional open common elements such as lounges, fitness, yoga and break space designed to encourage collaborative engagement and amenities such as a putting green, bocce ball court and basketball court to improve the quality of the work environment. The architectural, structural and MEP systems have been designed to support the flexibility of multi-office tenants.

“Once again, Clayco has delivered on time and on budget,” said Seneca’s CEO Larry Chapman. “More than that, Clayco’s design partnership with the Lamar Johnson Collaborative has delivered what I believe is the best, leading edge office environment that exists in all of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, focused on the occupant experience and creating a place people want to work in. I could not be happier.”


Seneca, CRE


Creve Coeur, Missouri


125,000 SF


  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative


Commercial Real Estate Awards 2022: Best new development

St. Louis Business Journals – Private Projects More Than $10 Million Finalist: EDGE@BRDG