Rise Above

Seeing our sites from above allowed us to integrate technology at a higher-level

Innovation is what drives our company’s desire to find solutions to tackle the challenges our clients face. Drone technology is an important piece of our Smart Construction Workflow and unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles (UAS /UAVs), aka drones, were the first step in the evolution of machines on construction sites. The technology provided construction teams with the “super powers” of flight, thermal and multi-spectrum vision, precision mapping and an almost instantaneous evaluation of existing land features at an unprecedented level of affordable scalability.

With technology adoption, Clayco always takes an operations-based approach. Drones are a tool that provides critical site data and imagery used to collaborate and deliver projects more efficiently.

As the first FAA certified design-build firm, we have an extensive amount of experience and data that is allowing us to develop new ways in which we can utilize the technology to help our teams remain safe, reduce risk and with the addition of automation and artificial intelligence, deliver the information needed to build more accurate real-time models that strengthen our reality capture solutions.

“Drones, as we use them today, were the first glimpse into the construction site of the future. With this technology, our industry has undoubtedly benefited from the affordable and ubiquitous power of robotics.”

Tomislav Žigo,
Vice President, VDC

It’s all about perspective

Watch the video to see some of our recent sites from a different vantage point.

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