Amazon E-Commerce Centers chose Clayco to partner with on several very complex, fast track requirements in different regions throughout the United States., Inc. is an American international multibillion dollar electronic commerce company, and is the world’s largest online retailer.

The structures are made out of tilt-up or precast concrete panels and structural steel, the parking areas are made of both asphalt and concrete paving materials, the roofing material is a 60 mill mechanically attached TPO roof membrane. The tenant improvement portion of these projects include office finishes, mechanical and electrical work and design-build fire protection components.

The sizes of the facilities range from 500,000 square feet to 1,000,000+ square feet. The distribution facilities also feature up to 1.2 million square feet of mezzanine space.

Jeffersonville, Indiana | 1,343,186 SFCleveland, Tennessee | 1,338,164 SF
Dinwiddie, Virginia | 1,248,178 SFRobinsville, New Jersey | 2,522,322 SF
Kenosha, Wisconsin | 2,435,985 SFKenosha, Wisconsin | 514,000 SF
Etna, Ohio | 2,338,622 SFEdgerton, Kansas | 822,000 SF
Kansas City, Kansas | 2,396,751 SFMonee, Illinois | 2,400,714 SF
Cleveland, Ohio | 2,315,215 SFFresno, California | 2,133,672 SF
Baltimore, Maryland | 1,118,833 SFTulsa, Oklahoma | 2,636,883 SF
Beaumont, California | 2,642,586 SFChannanhon, Illinois | 1,220,293 SF
Pontiac, Michigan | 199,821 SFNampa, Idaho | 2,636,883 SF
Atlanta, Georgia | 1,002,150 SFOakley, California
Riverside, MissouriHebron, Kentucky
Hagerstown, MarylandUniversity Park, Illinois | 1,077,792 SF
St. Louis, MissouriSt. Peters, Missouri
Lakeland, FloridaShawnee, Kansas
Hamburg, PennsylvaniaMt. Juliet, Tennessee
Fenton, MissouriMadison, Tennessee
Kansas City, KansasOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Huntsville, Alabama

Beyond These Walls

One of our Amazon project teams recognized their teammate Clifford for his outstanding work ethic. While at work he was never be seen without PPE, always wanted to help and learn, and was never late. So when it was brought to the team’s attention that Clifford’s bike had broken and he had been walking the 6 miles to work (still never late), they pitched together and bought Clifford a new bike, which was presented to him as an expression of their gratitude for all his hard work.




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