Boeing Component Operations Facility

The 150,000-square-foot facility, which will inspect and repair airplane parts, will be erected near an existing 370,000-square-foot maintenance, repair and overhaul facility, under construction for a year and a half at a former U.S. Navy air base.

This client is already recruiting for several maintenance and support positions and anticipates creating more than 300 new job openings as new contracts and aircraft derivatives arrive. The newest facility is set to be complete early next year.


Boeing already has a major footprint at the airfield and aerospace facility. Its 23-year-old maintenance operation there employs about 350 people on Department of Defense contracts, with a center that does structural repairs. As Boeing begins construction on its second campus at Cecil, it is also a testament to Northeast Florida’s workforce. Our region provides businesses with the greatest skilled and high-tech workers in the state.




Jacksonville, Florida


150,000 SF