Centene Centre

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The recently completed Centene Centre includes new office space, residential living, ground level retail, structured parking and a world class corporate executive training facility.

CRG developed Centene’s current headquarters and was selected to provide the development services for this campus expansion including all entitlements and a complex rezoning creating a new Special Development District within Clayton, Missouri. Clayco was the construction manager that oversaw the expansion of the project. This $770 million investment included a new structure adjacent to the existing Centene Plaza HQ.

The newly expanded Centene Centre will promote a healthy environment for all patrons through its creation of pedestrian-friendly, fully-landscaped hardscape and public green spaces that connect the live, learn, work and play environment. The new buildings will be environmentally friendly and are pursuing LEED Gold certification.

This expansion is expected to bring 2,000 high-quality jobs to Clayton, with nearly half of these jobs being new to the state of Missouri. The expansion is designed to meet Centene’s growth projections, while also creating a vibrant, mixed-use development that fits into the City of Clayton’s Downtown Master Plan.

The installed bridge across Hanley Road in Clayton, Missouri connects Centene Plaza to the new Centene Centre. Construction began on the bridge in October 2018 at a staging area 1/4 mile from the installation site. The bridge is a steel structure with a concrete floor slab on metal deck. The walls are high performance curtain wall with a laminated blue glass and composite metal panel roof and soffits.

Single-Day Bridge Installation

Conventional erection of this sort of construction would have resulted in numerous road closures to a major thoroughfare. By building the bridge off-site and transporting it for single-day installation, Clayco saved local residents and businesses an estimated 5 months of impact to traffic.

Beyond These Walls

Every week little Cal comes with his aunt to the Centene construction site that is near her house in Clayton. The team onsite love his enthusiasm for construction and even gave him protective eye ware and child-sized Clayco Safety Tees to make him feel like part of the team! One week, our team surprised Cal with his very own unloader! Huge thank you to this group for bringing little Cal so much joy every week.

“Art” & Science of Building

Judith Shaw, a St. Louis artist, turned one of our local jobsites into a source for her art. She worked with the Centene jobsite team to create “Fault Lines,” a collection of large prints of tire tracks created by our cement trucks and other jobsite machinery


Centene & Cushman Wakefield


Clayton, Missouri


1.9M SF (838,520 SF Tower;


  • Architect: HOK


LEEDv2009 Gold