ENTEK Lithium Battery Manufacturing Facility

The project will create up to 642 new jobs by the end of 2027 and support the growing electric vehicle industry across the United States.

Clayco will design and build the production facilities in Terre Haute, Indiana, to house equipment for the production of lithium battery separators within approximately 1.4 million square feet of floor area. Clayco will provide a multi-discipline design and engineering of the plant required to support ENTEK’s manufacturing process. In addition, Clayco will self-perform the concrete foundations, flatwork, tilt-up wall panels, and concrete paving. At peak, construction is anticipated to reach approximately 400 workers. Clayco is in the initial stages of planning a series of community outreach events to begin to engage the local subcontracting community.

The campus will help ENTEK scale its U.S. production, capable of supporting 1.4 to 1.6 million EVs annually by 2027. The new giga-scale lithium-ion battery separator operations will leverage ENTEK’s pioneering sustainable, state-of-the-art solvent extraction and recovery systems and processing techniques, and the company will work to utilize available renewable energy with a focus on a reduced carbon footprint. The company plans to break ground on the campus in 2023/24 and launch its Indiana operations between 2025-2027.


“We are very excited to work with ENTEK on this terrific project. Clayco is proud to be an industry leader in the design, engineering, and construction of manufacturing plants to support the growing US electric vehicle industry.”

— Anthony Johnson, President of Clayco’s Industrial Business Unit




Terre Haute, Indiana


1.4 million SF