Confidential Indoor Grow Facility – Texas

Clayco is providing initial design and engineering services on this project.

Currently in preconstruction, Clayco is working on preliminary engineering for a state-of-the-art indoor grow facility in San Antonio, Texas. When complete the farm will harvest organic herbs and leafy greens.

This 100,000 square-foot advanced biofarm will sit on a 10+ acre site. The 28’ insulated pre-cast concrete panel building will have painted/stained exterior design. The farm will also include 12 truck-height docs and surface parking for 100 cars.

Within the 100,000‐square-foot facility, 15,000 square feet will be engineered with refrigerated rooms for cold harvest and pre‐ship storage, and 5,000 square feet refrigerated for pre‐ship storage. Over 70,000 square feet of indoor grow areas are engineered for materials dry storage, seed lines, germination chamber, nursery, grow lines, harvest, pack, and shipping will require specific temperature calibration year around. The facility will also host a general administrative office of around 3,000 square feet, along with ample space for employee breakrooms that serve up to 100 employees. Also included are 1,200 square feet for label storage near the harvest/pack lines, a well-ventilated room of 2,000 square feet for soil production and a separate 3,000 square feet to hold irrigation equipment, tanks, bio‐filters, etc. All grow system water is reclaimed on-site in a closed loop irrigation network.

Washable smooth concrete floors and wall finishes meet USDA/FDA and health department standards. This food safe facility will also have multiple mass hand washing/sanitizing stations with eight person hands free sink areas installed near the employee locker rooms and break facilities. Scope of work also included site evaluation, due diligence, and front-end design.






100,000 SF


  • Architects: Lamar Johnson Collaborative