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This project included 1.6-million cubic yards of earthwork with 900,000 cubic yards of rock excavation to prepare the site, followed by a 1 million square feet of parts building and 1 million square feet of whole goods building constructed simultaneously.

Clayco recently completed this 2,000,000-square-foot multi-building project for Kubota in Edgerton, Kansas. The project was located on 120 acres of undeveloped farmland, requiring extensive site development and utility extensions to complete the project.

The massive site required over 1.6 million cubic yards of earthwork activities, which consisted of over 900,000 cubic yards of rock excavation. Clayco developed an onsite rock blasting, removal, and crushing program to facilitate the use of onsite materials and reduce the need for imported aggregate. Multiple crushing operations were set up to process rock for fill material as well as aggregate base beneath the slab and paving.

BOOM! That’s the sound at 4 p.m. nearly every day at our 2-million-square-foot logistics jobsite while our team is blasting 700,000 cubic yards of rock, and moving 1.6 million cubic yards of earth to level the site for this project located in Kansas.

“As Kubota’s construction partner, Clayco’s focus and commitment extends far beyond the structures we are building,” said Anthony Johnson, Clayco executive vice president. “Our team’s goal is to ensure we are providing an environment where Kubota’s employees can operate safely and efficiently, and can deliver high quality products to their customers every day.”

Following the site development, Clayco designed and built two 1 million-square-foot facilities simultaneously, along with the parking and site traffic needs for Kubota to operate the facility. The buildings were constructed using cast onsite concrete tilt up wall panels, and a conventional steel skeleton. All concrete for the project was provided by Clayco’s onsite ready mix plant.

Through the use of Clayco’s aggressive site development approach, rock blasting program and self performed ready mix program, this project was delivered to Kubota in 14 months.

Beyond These Walls

Executive Visit

Clayco welcomed the Kubota Tractor Corporation President and Executive Team to tour the nearly finished Kubota North American Distribution Center in Edgerton, Kansas.




Edgerton, Kansas


2,000,000 SF


  • Architect: Studionorth Architecture