Mauricio Ramirez – A.M. 1980 Mural

Mauricio Ramirez’s goal with the design was to create a dialogue with the community by connecting them with a local cultural icon of the Logan Square Eagle.

A.M. 1980 Residence is a transit-oriented development (TOD) and its location was strategically selected to be less than 500 feet from the Western Station, a main vein for passengers traveling back and forth from the city to O’Hare International Airport. This high level of traffic means that the A.M. 1980 mural is now a widely-seen image. This vibrant piece of art not only reflects the character of the neighborhood, it acts as an identifier for the building itself and setting it apart.

While building in Bucktown, we were conscious that we were not only delivering a building that satisfied future tenants but that we were creating a new space in an existing and thriving community. The A.M. 1980 mural both heightens the image of our project while signifying that the new community of tenants is proudly tied to the neighborhood.

He wanted to incorporate the eagle into the mural but also create it new to reflect the energy of the A.M. 1980 project.




Chicago, Illinois