SAVVIS SC-7 Data Center

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Savvis is a Tier I ISP and has its own global OC-192 network providing interconnection to all of its data centers as well as other POPS around the world.

Clayco completed construction of a 150,000-square-foot Tier I, 9-megawatt data center in Silicon Valley for St. Louis-based SAVVIS, Inc., a premier global managed hosting and co-location provider of outsourced IT and cloud services. Completed in less than five months, the data center provides an expanded presence for SAVVIS in Silicon Valley. The redundant infrastructure includes state-of-the-art physical and electronic security systems, diesel UPS power generation, advanced controls management and monitoring, and several specialized features that extend and improve the tenant’s private global network. All systems are fault-tolerant and concurrently maintainable.

22% of the electrical bill is attributed to HVAC costs. Normally, this number is about 30%, but due to controls and other design innovations this reduced number yields approximately $260,000 in annual operating expense savings.

24 Hitec Rotary Emergency Power Units were used in this project. There are only 76 of these generators in service in North America. This is the largest quantity on one site in the world.

With Internet Ad revenue at $2,000,000 per hour in US Dollars, uptime is everything.




Santa Clara, California


150,000 SF building / 127,500 SF data center


  • Architect: M+H Architects