Tyson Foods Processing Facility

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Tyson Foods’ new poultry processing facility is located in Danville, Virginia.

Planned for a 64-acre site, the greenfield chicken processing plant will be used primarily for the production of premium quality, fully-cooked Tyson-branded chicken products, including Any’tizer® Snacks and Chicken Nuggets. Tyson Foods has committed to purchasing 60 million pounds of Virginia-grown chicken over the next three years. The building will also include a mezzanine level, ASRS cold storage structure, raw materials storage, production and packaging space, a two-story space for offices, and cold storage space that will range in temperatures from -10, 0, 34, 38, and 55 degrees throughout the building. A wastewater treatment plant and Fulton Building will also be included.

“At Clayco, we take pride in our responsibility to help our clients bring goods closer to consumers and their communities faster and more efficiently,” said Anthony Johnson, President of Clayco’s Industrial Business Unit. “Along these lines, we are excited to help Tyson Foods accelerate their investment in the Virginia market, and are laser-focused on speed to market, safety and quality.”

Construction started in March 2022 and is set to complete in the spring of 2023. Designed by Lamar Johnson Collaborative in collaboration with Clayco’s internal design and engineering team, other project partners include Concrete Strategies, Tucker Jones and Stock Engineering.

Source: www.wdbj7.com


Tyson Foods


Danville, Virginia


330,000 SF


  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative