Zurich North America Headquarters – Parking Garage

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As an extension of the campus, the attached parking garage houses 2,615 cars and is 817,902 square feet.

The new Zurich North America Headquarters is designed to reflect the company’s global reach and world-class stature. The architectural character of the 735,000-square-foot complex reinforces an image of reliability and success through its bold simplicity in form, a timeless material palette, and its commitment to sustainability. Composed of three primary “bars” that are offset and stacked, the arrangement creates unique spaces for collaboration, open views of the surrounding landscape, optimizes solar orientation for amenities, and provides programmatic flexibility not found in typical office buildings. The top “bar” of the complex soars 11 stories and cantilevers toward downtown Chicago, providing visual identity along the interstate while projecting the strength and future focus of the company.




Schaumburg, Illinois


817,902 SF / 2,615 cars