Constructing Creative Environments

SCAD Projects

Clayco has partnered with SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) on five projects to help the school expand and support students on campus. Altogether, our projects have added over 4,000 new beds to the SCAD campus as well as parking garages and other campus amenities.

Below are our completed and on-going projects with SCAD, plus a collaboration with Clayco and SCAD students to help design the next generation of hard hats.

SCAD Forty Residence Hall

The new 14-story, SCAD 40 residence hall, located on the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design, encompasses student living at its best. The building includes 105 units with 45 suites, 44 pods, 16 apartments and 593 student beds along with a coffee bar, residential life office, trash room, mechanical room, laundry room, and lounge.


The ongoing expansion and development of SCAD Atlanta’s campus underscore the institution’s commitment to providing a world-class education and fostering an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. By integrating cutting-edge facilities, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a vibrant arts community, SCAD Atlanta continues to inspire the next generation of artists and designers, preparing them for successful careers in the rapidly evolving creative industries.

The outdoor terrace located atop this fantastic structure functions as an event space overlooking the city of Atlanta, adding to the beautiful Georgia skyline.

These modern living spaces provide comfortable accommodations for students and offer a range of amenities such as communal lounges, fitness centers, and outdoor gathering areas. The expansion also includes additional dining options, including cafes and restaurants, to cater to the diverse tastes of students and faculty.

The Campus Connector

Acting as a critical mid-campus link, the building’s new entry plaza doubles as a drop-off and event plaza while creating a new active space on campus for markets, food trucks, and performances.

SCAD Forty Four

With the completion of SCAD Forty, SCAD’s adjacent existing residence hall, Spring House, could be demolished and that property redeveloped for additional student housing and other campus uses. This new development will provide approximately 1,000 new beds to meet the on-campus capacity for SCAD Atlanta’s growing student population. The new Forty Four will also offer dining and fitness amenities, academic space, a parking garage, campus store and a performance theater.

The first phase, within the northernmost building, arrived in August 2022 with 581 student beds, a dining hall, and a parking garage. That’ll be followed by the rest in phase two—402 beds, a theater, classrooms, and a fitness center—in August 2023. Total square footage will be around 384,000 SF.

The job wasn’t fast-tracked; it was faster-tracked.”

Rick Moeckel Executive Vice President, Institutional Business Unit & Shareholder

SCAD Indian Street

The proposed project is a new 250,000-square-foot residence hall between West River Street and West Indian Street in Savannah, directly adjacent to Alexander Hall. The site is close to several of SCAD’s facilities, marking a significant student population in the area with no nearby student housing. This project presents a unique opportunity to provide more housing for students near these academic facilities and construct a statement building that will be visible from downtown Savannah, Georgia.

The concept for the building is similar to that of SCAD Forty, which opened on the Atlanta campus in Fall 2019. The current design provides 804 beds in typical two-bedroom, four-person semi-suites, and 14 beds in studio single units, for a total of 818 beds. Two Resident Director apartments are being provided. On the first floor, a dining hall will serve students in this residence hall as well as students that are using nearby academic buildings

Victory Village

Utilizing the full design-build resources of Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative, the design consists of two residence halls totaling 650 beds with a resident director apartment and a parking garage containing 260 parking spaces.

The residential halls are comprised of 4-bed and 2-bed semi-suites along
with 1 bedroom studios totaling approximately 250,000 square feet in
addition to the 96,000 square feet of garage area. The West Hall is 4
stories of wood frame construction and the East Hall is 5 stories of wood
frame construction that wrap the precast parking garage on three sides.
The exterior treatments of both buildings consist of brick, curtain wall,
metal panels and stucco. In addition to the dormitory rooms the buildings contain
lounges, study rooms, art studios, laundry rooms and management offices.

Weston & Dyson Residence Hall

Built on 12 acres, the overall project consists of 8 residence halls, approximately 2,000 beds total and a pre-cast concrete, 700-car parking garage- all completed in just over three years.

The eight halls are cast in place, post-tensioned concrete podium
structures with wood framing on top at approximately 60,000 square feet each.
The exterior stucco façades consist of two complementary colors and Nichiha panels;
a major refresh to the outdated campus. Each new facility houses 256 students
via suites with two-bedroom units and two beds in each bedroom.
The campus also includes a pool and recreational center.

Montgomery Residence Hall

The residence hall is a precast concrete structure totaling 115,700-square-feet with an industrial aesthetic to match the existing campus architecture. The facility houses 500 beds with four beds in most units.

Built in 3 phases on 6 acres, this project was on a congested site
with 2 busy streets and a railroad surrounding the project.
Sequencing, site utilities, and keeping Montgomery Hall open
during construction made this a challenging project.

Amenities include study rooms, common areas, semi-private
baths. A 412–car parking structure was constructed of
precast concrete and provides much needed parking for
the residence hall as well as the campus at large.