100 Above the Park

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100 Above the Park is a residential tower overlooking Forest Park in St. Louis. The tower, Studio Gang’s first project in the city, rises to 385 feet and includes retail, amenities, parking, and residential apartments with views of the park to the west and the Gateway Arch to the east.

Four-story tiers are stacked over the height of the tower. The facade is angled to create generous outdoor spaces on top of each tier, providing terraces for a quarter of the apartments, as well as shared amenity space for the resident community atop the green roof podium.

“The scalloped façade and leaf-shaped plan of One Hundred enable natural light and fresh air into every apartment, optimizing performance while making beautiful spaces on the interior.” – Jeanne Gang, Founding Principal and Partner of Studio Gang

The apartments are specifically designed to connect people to views of Forest Park and the Gateway Arch. Each apartment features its own corner living room with double exposures that, in addition to offering panoramic views, enhance the amount and quality of daylight within the units. The design’s angled edges create this condition, which, together with tilted glazing, not only capture more daylight but also self-shade when necessary and provide the opportunity for natural cross ventilation.

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Working to enhance the opportunities provided by the site orientation and environmental forces, the building’s leaf-shaped plan and tiered massing maximize its performance, reducing overall energy load and increasing occupant comfort. Multiple green roofs collect and store rain water for irrigation and reduce storm water runoff.

The design of the building also provides for niche public and retail spaces at ground level adjacent to the park and defines a wider, more generous public streetscape, strengthening pedestrian connections between the Central West End district and Forest Park.


Silliman Group


St. Louis, Missouri


540,369 SF


  • Architect: Studio Gang
  • Developer: Mac Properties


Green Globe Certified

ENR Midwest’s 2021 Project of the Year Finalist

St. Louis Business Journal’s Building St. Louis: Awards Private/Private Project (more than $10 million)